The  INTERNATIONAL GRAFFITI ART COMPETITION (I.G.A.C.) was established by Bob Bryan to provide a platform for the creative visions of today's young Independent Graffiti Artist/Writers and crews. The competition seeks  to educate, celebrate, recognize and commemorate their positive contributions to the world of Contemporary Art in all its diversity.

The 1998 I.G.A.C. is a successful forum for the serious examination, illumination, appreciation of this worldwide phenomenon  and artistic expression that has come to be known Internationally as GRAFFITI ART a.k.a Aerosol Art, Spraycan Art, Graf, Urban Hidden Literature etc.

The time has come! This unique competition is a fantastic opportunity for Graffiti Artists/Writers to enhance their careers and reputations by exposing their work to a supportive group of peers and art-lovers from around the world. The 1998 I.G.A.C. has garnered invaluable  media exposure resulting in fostering  positive industry and commercial relations.

WHERE WILL THE ARTWORK COME FROM ? Graffiti Art Submissions will come from various countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Middle East, Caribbean, as well as Mexico, Canada,  Russia and the  United States of America.

AWARDS  Awards will be given out in each category:

                    Gold (1st Place / Best of Competition)
                    Silver (2nd Place)
                    Bronze  (3rd Place) 
                    Honorable Mention

OLD SCHOOL  There will be a Special Awards category for OLD SCHOOL GRAFFITI ART.  To qualify for this category :

1998 I.G.A.C. winners will be awarded beautifully inscribed Plaques as well as receive screen credit in the New Documentary tentatively titled - Graffiti Verite' III , "The Art of International Graffiti," (produced by Bob Bryan, BRYAN WORLD PRODUCTIONS ). The documentary will show their Artwork & indicate their Award Status. I.G.A.C. entrants will have the opportunity to gain world wide fame and exposure by participating in this International Event. A Special Catalog / Book will be printed that will show the Award-Winning Artwork along with an Artist Statement of the Artist. Catalogues / Books will be Awarded to each of the winners.

Who will see the Documentary? The Completed Documentary will  be seen by a International Television audience as well as: International Museums & Art Galleries Curators, Libraries, Schools, Educators, Video Stores, Art Collectors, Newspaper Articles, Magazine Reviews, Radio Stations, Hip Hop Stores and Outlets, Cable Television Shows, International Film & Video Competitions, Chain Stores, The Internet, Film & Animation Studios.

For more information on the 1998 IGAC, call the competition hotline @ (213) 860-9845.
For information on GRAFFITI VERITE' (The Video), call (213) 993-6163.
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