This month at "594" video review we give a look at one of the newest and best Graff videos out there. I feel kinda weird callin Graffiti Verite a video, its a lot more than that! Graffiti Verite is a modern day Style Wars. If you have no clue of what Im talking about than you must really be a lost soul in this World called graffiti. Graffiti Verite documents graffiti in LA from its early beginnings to its modern day form. Some of the best LA writers have been interviewed for this eye opening video. Toons, Relic, Mear, Miner, Man One and many more of LA's top writers give their accounts of growing up a writer in LA. They also drop knowledge on the modern state of graffiti in LA today. From bombin stories to graff art shows to respecting graff as a real art form, they all allow the rest of the world to peek into their world and hopefully understand how important graffiti art is to them and the rest of our culture. I highly recommend getting a copy of this mind-blowing video for your collection. Oh, and if you know any knuckle heads that need to be schooled on the importance of respecting graffiti as an art, sit 'em down and force them to watch Graffiti Verite . Graffiti Verite gets a big thumbs up from the staff  of "594" and we hope to see a sequel from Bob Bryan productions very soon.


Peace & Respect


The Editor