Graffiti Verite'

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 Graffiti Verite' makes a very good attempt at documenting the Los Angeles graffiti culture, including an interview with old school LA gang writer Chaz (don't diss, he is one dope artist). There are interviews with 24 writers, including- such pioneers as Toonz, Duke, Angst and Mear. It does a good job of placing graffiti in its own context, away from its hip-hop brethren in breakin and rap. There are some omissions, though-which can be expected in any documentary that is only 45 minutes Ion", including a notable absence of Hex in the interviews. Graffiti Verite' is still not to be looked over, as it does an excellent job of showing, old school LA in a way that no other piece of documentation has (most notably Spray Can Art). Graffiti Verite' does for LA what Style Wars did for New York and will fill its spot among, the more notable sources of graffiti history.

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