Bryan World Productions

I love graf tapes. What I first expected was a low budget "tag 'em up and run from the police" thing. But boy was I in for a shock. This film sends out what I have had milling around in my head for the last two years. Excellent coverage and interviews featuring some of today's top writers (Angst, Mear, Toonz, Mear, and plenty of others). All explaining what graf is to them and how they use it their own benefit whether it be emotional, social, or a perfect representation of what they see, her or want to portray around them.

Quoted as  "Being the style Wars of New York"  Graffiti Verite' lives up to all it's reviews and then some. Plenty of west coast wall shots, no action. Almost all interviews, but for the better. Do another!

($21 ppd. to: Bryan World Productions, P.O. Box 74033, Los Angeles, CA 90004)