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 (Read the Writing on the Wall)
A Bryan World Productions
Directed/Produced/Photographed by Bob Bryan
Contact: Bob Bryan (213) 993-6163

Director/Producer/Photographer Bob Bryan offers a revealing glimpse into the world of Los
Angeles graffiti artists with this spare, intriguing documentary.

The film is comprised almost entirely of interviews with over two dozen graffiti artists and
painters. Thankfully, he leaves the hype and "Inside Edition" style gloss behind and opts for
a frank portrayal of the subject matter.

Bryan takes a "sideline" approach to the video, eschewing glitzy, glam, and even commentary, in presenting his subjects. He opts to roll the camera, step aside and let the artists speak for themselves.

The result of this "hands off" approach is a solidly honest view of the urban graffiti artist which is both compelling and informative.

Bryan treats his subjects with respect and dignity. The film quietly but powerfully presents the viewpoint that these artists are not punks, thugs or taggers, but legitimate street  artists using public areas as an urban art gallery for the masses. After listening to the artists, it becomes apparent that there is most definitely a method to their artistic "madness".

The film's Conversations vary from discussions concerning graffiti's ancestral connection to ritualistic hieroglyphics and cave writings/paintings to discussions of graffiti art as a form of street level propaganda.  Bryan comments, 'What I have tried to do with Graffiti Verite was to create a Primer by which those individuals who do not understand the Artists and their Art-form would effectively be able to focus upon 'The Graffiti Art Movement' from the point of view of the artist with no filter or interpretations from the 'Experts'.

To a large degree, he succeeds in his mission. The result is intriguing and subtley powerful. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the subject.