(London, England)


After the shameful treatment of Simon Sunderland, a story from the states shows just how differently they seem to treat their street artists. A brand new documentary, Graffiti Verite', has stormed the nation's video rental shops, been shown on TV and in schools throughout the US and even picked up awards. The work of documentary maker Bob Bryan, Graffiti Verite' follows the director/cameraman on a six-month journey into the Los Angeles underground scene. The film explains why the artists involved get into their art and why they do it.

However Graffiti Verite has incurred the 'Wrath of some sections of the community who see the film as glamorizing violence. Lori Gay of LA's Neighborhood Housing Services says: "It's not something that should be glorified." Yet one writer in the film, Alex Poli who writes as Man One, predicts wider respect for graf artists in years to come. "50 years from now we'll be in the books. In 200 years from now we'll be like Van Gogh."

There are no plans to release the video here yet, but if you'd like to get a US copy write to Bryan World Productions at P.O. Box 74033, Los Angeles,  CA 90004 or call 001 213 / 993-6163 (after 7 p.m. UK time) for further details.