Freedom of Expression


"Graffiti Verite'," a 45-minute video documentary, explores the graffiti art movement on the West Coast. Film maker Bob Bryan states, "What I have tried to do with 'Graffiti Verite'' was to create a primer by which those individuals who do not understand the artists and their art-form would effectively be able to focus upon the graffiti art movement from the point of view of the artist with no filter or interpretations from 'Experts.'

The video features interviews with graffiti artists who explain the difference between "tagging" and piecing"; report occupational hazards such as dodging the police, gang members, and anti-graffiti vigilantes; explain the difference between "old school," "hip-hop," East Coast and-West Coast styles; and describe the evolution of an elaborate graffiti subculture, including a mentoring system.

Graffiti artist Man-One states, "Most kids [who do graffiti] don't have money to go to art school and figure out how they're going to paint and do these canvasses, so they just figure, we'll pick up a spray can and do it on the canvas of the city. So it's all about free expression."

"Graffiti Verite'" is available from Bryan World Productions, P.O. Box 74033, Los Angeles, CA 90004; (213)993-6163.