Issue # 31

GRAFFITI VERITE' (The Truth About Graffiti)

Here's a really interesting documentary that's really fun to watch. It was produced and directed by independent video producer Bob Bryan (Bryan World Productions) and is 45 minutes long. It explores and explains the underground graffiti art movement of today, by way of 24 of L.A.'s finest graffiti painters. Now, this is not just dirty words and gang symbols like you see here in G.R., but real expressions of individuality by really good artists, creating some beautiful and fascinating stuff. In this video you get to see many of them at work, and they tell what their paintings mean. I wish some of these guys were here- I have a big cement wall that needs painting! This was shot on video, but there is no shaky stuff, this is worthy of any PBS or DISCOVERY broadcast and is worth toying or renting. In fact, it will be run on Maryland Public Television's INDEPENDENT EYE series in April or May, so if you live in that state, watch for it. For the rest of you, you can order it, and Bob himself will send it right out. (and by the way, if you're a guy-watcher, there are some great-lookers here! Sorry, couldn't resist.)