Audiovisual Review by Phyllis Levy Mandell

GRAFFITI VERITE: Read the Writing on the Wall.
Videocassette. Color. 45  min. Bryan World Prods. 1995. $24.95 (pub. perf.)

Graffiti Verite' is a unique documentary exploring the urban, subcultural world of the graffiti art. There are interviews with 24 graffiti artists from Los Angeles discussing their art as displayed first and foremost in the street, but now also in galleries, on stage and even in cyberspace. The artists, male and female representing a variety of ages and ethnic groups, speak honestly about the graffiti art movement: it's history, ideas, motivations and cultural impetus and impact. Interwoven with the interviews are powerful images of the street art and of the artists creating it. Viewers will be reminded of the irrepressible human need for artistic expression. Using walls and spray cans, these artists have designed images that communicate messages about their world and their perceptions. Art classes in high school and college will find this video a valuable addition to the study of contemporary art. This well-produced examination by the artists who create it, will add a new dimension to art classes and to library video collections.

Sue Davis, Cedar Falls High School, IA