This review appeared in Vol. 19, no. 1

Graffiti Verite is a new video release produced and released for distribution by Bryan World Productions, written and directed by Bob Bryan (1995,-$21.00) This is a tightly-edited documentary of 45 minutes which gets under the skin of the "graffiti artist", allowing 24 Los Angeles artists to do all the talking, showing some of them "doing it". There is a great energy in this video--which has recently been seen on PBS in various locales, especially in Los Angeles. This is not "underground" art, but this film focuses on explosively colorful work, some even created for gallery shows. Chaz, the old man of the graffiti world from the Seventies, really explains the place of this art both on the streets and in the institutions and traces Los Angeles graffiti art from Chicano roots. Many younger artists are featured, comparing technical skills with their peers, discussing how graffiti art relates to rap and break dancing and even to hiphop. Bryan obviously has won the admiration and confidence of these artists, and he gives them the podium at all times. Oftentimes the film is extremely moving, provocative, and allows the audience to really understand this art form. Buy it, it really tells the whole story! Order from Bryan World Productions, P.O. Box 74033, Los Angeles, CA 90004.
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