Issue 5 Volume I

Graffiti Verite is a new video out that documents the Los Angeles graffiti culture. It explores the movements artistic side and it's foundation in hip-hop and the, ever present gangs in southern California. The movie goes so far as to talk to an old school gang writer, Chaz, to show the artistic side of gang graffiti, and it's ties to the zoot-suit era. For the most part the writers that are interviewed are less from the bombing side, and from more of a fine art side of things. An obvious comparison can be drawn between Style Wars and Graffiti Verite', but Style Wars had Cap -- it would have been nice to see Sleez, Gkae, Toomr or Jimer interviewed regarding the illegal side of things. Although there are some high profile writers that would have fit into that fine art category that weren't interviewed (Hex), the movie did an excellent job of maximizing it's 45 minutes. I give the big thumbs-up to Bob Bryan for documenting the art form in a very well produced way, and preserving part of the culture for future generations. I recommend it over many of the other videos out there.

Graffiti Verite is $21 (check or money -order) postage included to Bryan World Productions, P.O. Box 74033, Los Angeles CA 90004 Phone: (213) 993-6163