Graffiti Verite' (Video). Written, produced and directed by Bob Bryan, Bryan World Productions, 1995.

I've always had some sort of romantic notion about graffiti. Not the tagging that you see a lot these days, or the occasional band name crudely scrawled on the back of a high school. No, I get into the art of graffiti.

That art is the focus of this 45-minute documentary, where 24 spray can artists from Los Angeles talk about their craft. I've got to say that I learned some interesting and cool things from this video, as they talked about the relation of graffiti to rap and break dancing and the significance of their art.

Graffiti Verite' is a great primer for people who just don't get it. It goes into how the real graffiti isn't about vandalism or gangs, It's a powerful expression of art, whether it comes across on a wall or a canvas.

This video is a great up close and personal expose'  that really brings you into the Graffiti Art World.

To order Graffiti Verite', please send $21.00 (includes shipping and handling) to BRYAN WORLD PRODUCTIONS, P.O. Box 74033, Los Angeles, CA 90004;  phone: (213) 993-6163. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.