Graffiti Verite'
Bob Bryan
Bryan World Productions
P.O. Box 74033., L.A., CA 90004
No ISBN 1996 (color, 45 minutes)

Bob Bryan has produced and directed an amazing new documentary video that explores the eclectic world of Hip Hop and urban graffiti artist. Graffiti Verite' is a ground breaking examination that includes interviews and behind the scenes views of 24 of Los Angeles most prolific and talented graffiti artists. Graffiti Verite's conversations vary from comparative discussions on graffiti's ancestral connection to ritualistic hieroglyphics and cave writings to discussions of graffiti art as a form of a 'street-level' propaganda and "public art gallery" for the anonymous public.

Graffiti Verite' is the first up close and personal expose into the graffiti art world as experienced by 24 artists whose artistic tool of choice is the spray can. From street art to gallery art showings, Graffiti Verite' forces us to think about our cultural reality as well as to expose us to more cutting-edge graffiti art than has ever been seen before in one venue. Graffiti Verite' is a "must see" video to understanding what is happening to our urban culture, as well as to the inner world of today's urban children.