(Bryan World Productions)

This documentary about graffiti was pretty interesting.  I liked some of the interviews and I liked some of pieces done.  The film seemed a bit disorganized and some of the things said seemed a bit processed.  However, as a whole, the film was done pretty well. I once had my hand in the graffiti scene.  I tagged a phone booth in the suburbs, with my legendary tag "Accent."  I used to carry around a big pilot in my pocket.  I felt like such a stud.  Actually, the biggest piece I have ever done was on a folder in my middle school notebook.  Those were the days.  In middle school I grew out of my sweat pants stage.  In elementary school, I always wore a different colored sweat pants. My favorite were "Bulls" and "Celtics" sweats that I ordered from the Sears catalog. Sears was (I use the past tense, because its heyday has since passed) such an incredible store.  Where else can one buy designer jackets in one aisle and plastic bags in the next?  Lingerie in one aisle or hand guns in the next? We need more places like Sears.  I think I'm going to take a time-out now.