Bob Bryan's amazing docu min-feature Graffiti Verite' is vibrantly alive in telling the "true story of Graffiti," from its cultural roots in Latino America of the 1960's until the present day  misunderstanding of it as a "gang thang."

You'll meet the people behind the often astonishingly accomplished street works you have only seen in passing and at freeway speeds.  Bryan documents the range of styles and themes with clarity and a hypnotic rhythm, as one kinetic graphic blast of colors gives way to the next.  It's not unlike a street museum tour in effect.

Despite potential misgivings, this is more than a film about how "cool" it is to deface public property.  If you find yourself buying the usual media stereotype about how only gangbangers spray graff, you'll be chilled when one otherwise law-abiding graff artist relates his late night dead-end alley encounter with a gang of homeboys definitely not pleased with the idea of bringing art to "their" hood.  Check out the Graffiti Verite' site, too.