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Recommended Viewing

GRAFFITI VERITE' (Video) Written, produced and directed by Bob Bryan. Bryan World Productions, 1995. This tightly edited 45 minute documentary on graffiti is ".... a mind expanding experience in peoples'..." --as opposed to commercial culture. Guaranteed to break preconceived notions, it lets two dozen Los Angeles Artists do all the talking, showing some of them in action. "Art" is the keyword here: exuberant and intense art. Not about illicit tagging under cover of night or subway vandalism, it focuses greatly on colorful pieces, some even created for gallery shows. "Old schooler' Chaz, active in the 70's, articulates graffiti's place both on the streets and in institutions and traces the LA scenes Chicano roots. Younger artists (a multiracial contingent including one woman) critique technical aspects of each other's works and talk about graffiti's place--with rap and break dancing--in hip hop. Above all, free expression is the common bond. Occasionally provocative and sometimes deeply moving, graffiti art deserves wider understanding. To that end, this documentary is highly recommended for public libraries.

- Chris Dodge