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 GV Front Cover (18K)
Graffiti Verité 2:  Freedom of ExpreSSion?

Following multi award winning Graffiti Verité 1,  (Read the Writing on theWall), this edition addresses  the history of graffiti - from  tagging gang territory, to the importance of letter style to the figurative art of graffiti and its establishment in the art world.

Rap, the musical sister of  graffiti has gone from garbage can fires to concert halls and record labels, to mainstream label hip hop – with Lauryn Hill being heard  in elevators around the world. Where will graffiti  go? How important is  illegality, the thrill of “putting up your name” and getting “respect?” How strong is the lure of money and fame? 

In Graffiti Verité 2, we talk to many graffiti artists and see some of the expansion: graphics for big time T shirtcompanies; surf and snow  board graphics; exhibitions in private galleries; multi media installations and collections at the  Smithsonian.

Length: 57 minutes
Release Date: 1998
Language: English
Copyright, 1997-1999, All Rights Reserved
Graffiti Verite' / GV2, International Graffiti Art Competition