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“Here's a peek behind the curtains of a special time in our nations cultural history, as well as in my own furious life. I would describe these poems as "Fragments of a Spiritual," as Poet / Artist LeRoy Clarke so aptly entitled his magnificent Art and Poetry (see GV16 IMPRESSIONS MAGAZINE –


These previously unpublished poems capture the pathetic, unbridled passion and disturbingly chaotic perspective of a confused Poet / Warrior under the stimulating influence and vernacular of the Black Arts Movement in the late 1960's and early '70's. Harlem, NYC was the creative epicenter for the movement. "As an Artist cum 'conscientious objector' cum 'Vietnam era war vet' cum 'expatriate,' life conspired to make my shifting perspectives and cultural indoctrination more than a little complicated.


While many artists of that time-period found their creative voice, my raison d'etre sort out the opportunity to vent and purge (continued in the Foreword of the book)." -- Bob Bryan, Filmmaker / Author


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Post Traumatic Poetics

Poetry Book


BISAC: Poetry / American / African American


Author:  Bob Bryan


Blacker Tomorrows Book Sample Pages



ISBN-13: 978-1482576313

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