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“My sister touched a lot of lives in a powerful way; she was very inspiring and thought provoking... I enjoyed seeing the trailer for your video and I'm looking forward to the rest.”  — Sharon Evans (Wanda Coleman's Sister) 


“Thank you Bob for sending this to me. It's Brilliant!!!” — Chris Vannoy

 “Wow! You are doing it man! Great work. Much props.  I loved this trailer.

I yearn to see the full interview. I was engrossed in what was happening on the screen.  It was like I was an unwillingly participant in a pleasurable dance with the both of you.  A threesome choreography

and all three of us were the music.” .-Glenn Towery  


"Fabulous - can't wait for the full documentary." — The Cleote


"This is indeed an extraordinary person with huge insight and beauty.   I did not  know about her or her works which of  course  I will now go for.   Many thanks and condolences to all."   — Joel Freedman, Filmmaker

In GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN  PROJECT: Genius. (period) multi award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan features “One of the Major Writers of her Generation.” Mr. Bryan  interviews brilliant Poet / Writer / Journalist Wanda Coleman, author of over  20 books (The Riot Inside Me, Mercurochrome, Heavy Daughter Blues, Mad Dog  Black Lady, etal.)  Genius. (period) is a “must-see” interview if you’ve ever loved the writings of  Wanda Coleman or if you’re interested in finding out what her beautiful life,  poetic conceptual process and philosophy of creative writing was all about.  

Noted Poet Wanda Coleman Dies at 67

By City News Service


Wanda Coleman, a Watts native considered Los Angeles' unofficial poet laureate, has died after a long illness.


Coleman, whose poems, novels and other works delved into race, poverty and the struggles of urban life, died Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, her husband, poet Austin Straus, told the Los Angeles Times. She was 67. (Obit continues...)

Wanda's memorial will be held on January 19th (01/19/2014)  at The Church in Ocean Park where she and Austin Straus were married.  


The Church in Ocean Park

235 Hill Street  

Santa Monica, CA90405

(310) 399-1631


The Wanda Coleman


By Harriet Staff


We’re still saddened by the loss of Wanda Coleman. Today, though, we were thrilled to hear news of a new documentary in the works featuring a full-length interview with Wanda Coleman in all her greatness. Bob Bryan, who conducts and directs the interview and film, says about the project: “This is THE Must-See interview if you’ve ever loved Wanda or if you’re interested in finding out what her beautiful life was all about. Interview plus Poetry readings. 80 minutes of unadulterated magic." Head over to the Santa Monica Dispatch to read Coleman’s own comments on project. But first, check out the trailer!  (Continues...)    




By Peggy Clifford



The Wanda Coleman Project trailer, directed by Bob Bryan, is the first trailer for the full-on documentary interview with the late brilliant poet /writer / journalist. It includes an interview, poetry readings, 90 minutes of unadulterated magic. (Continues…)

Another Documentary  

where Wanda & 30 Other Poets  can be  viewed  


GV6 THE  ODYSSEY: Poets,  Passion & Poetry 

Photo by Rod Bradley

“Sing to me... Sing to me, baby…

Sing to me…”

— Wanda Coleman, POET


“Watch Instantly”

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Commentary by Wanda Coleman, Poet, Writer & Journalist


Given that I am from the African-American subculture where questions are used to intimidate, oppress and confuse, it is rare that I enjoy either conducting interviews, or being the subject of them.  However, independent and direct in his manner, and radiating empathy (without being precious or solicitous), Bob Bryan interviews his subjects in an unforgettable manner. 


Cool yet excited, all in the same moment, he is asks frank, inoffensive questions of genuine interest.  At times his questions are startling, because they force the interviewee to assess and summarize quickly, leaving very little opportunity for " B.S.".  He does not arouse suspicion, and does not give off the impression that he has some hidden agenda other than the subject at hand.  Because of his careful research, he asks questions that have not been asked 100 times before. (In my case, he asked about how I think!  This seldom happens.)  This does not mean that a Bob Bryan interview is easy.  It is not, because, in my case, it demanded that I do some sharp and quick thinking on timeworn-and-worry swollen feet.   


Bob Bryan may not know it, but he asks consummate "clean" questions, questions that are free of the sociological garbage of assumption, implication and innuendo - questions that told me, in my case, that he was open to what I had to say, and that if he had any preconceptions, he was keeping them to himself.  The Bob Bryan experience is lean, comfortable and professional, and one of the best I've ever had.  --- Wanda Coleman, Poet, Writer & Journalist  


by Austin  Straus, Wanda Coleman’s Husband


Bob Bryan's interview with Wanda Coleman is a classic example of a sensitive, intelligent, and superbly prepared Documentarian eliciting brilliant responses from a genius poet/writer/journalist who is forced by smart questions to think deeply, eloquently and movingly.


Many moments in this film made me laugh or cry  or just sit there in wonder at the depth and breadth of this woman's mind. And I was her mate for nearly 33 years!


This film is far and away the best of all the dozens of interviews Wanda ever did and I am profoundly grateful to Bob Bryan for giving me this treasure I can turn to whenever I feel like being reminded of my beloved's fantastic mind.


Bob, you have created a work of art, a masterpiece of the documentary interview.


Thank you from my heart, --- Austin Straus


by Michelle ‘Chelle’ Angelini


Normally, I am not one to watch or listen to interviews, but GV21 The Wanda Coleman Project: Genius. had me riveted to my seat in front of my computer.  I could not tear myself away from Bob Bryan's unique questions or Wanda Coleman's inspiring answers. I was so drawn in by her wonderful infectious laughter, her philosophy of life, her poetry, and Wanda herself. In the process, I learned new words and ideas to inspire me as a writer.  To describe Wanda Coleman - she was vivacious, beautiful, self-assured - without being vain, and a champion to people who needed one.  And not just black women, but to people of all races and both genders. I learned from her and learned about myself through her. 


Her poetry drew laughter and tears from me. I learned many facts to apply to myself and to my writing.  Most of what I learned is her enthusiasm for the craft of writing.  Her poem "Mastectomy" (from her book Mercurochrome) helped me to understand more about the physical and emotional nature  of the removal of women's breasts and I was in tears by the end of her reading. 


What drew me to listen with different ears when she read her poems was the emotion she poured into it.  She didn't just read it; she didn't perform it - she was the poem come alive. I would love to watch this interview again to pick up anything I missed, since it was filled with so much amazing information.  GV21 is not just an interview - it is a lesson in life, love, the craft of writing, and one writer's way of surviving and overcoming what life handed her.  This documentary should be required viewing in every creative writing classroom for young and emerging poets who think they want to write poetry  or anything else. 


GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT will help them understand that the craft of writing is not just taking a pen to paper and splashing words onto it,  but pouring everything - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - into the words and ideas that make it onto the page.  Because of Bob Bryan's excellent interview with a poet who will be missed intensely, I have a new-found appreciation for the craft with which  I have been blessed and skilled to have as a talent. I'm honored that you allowed me to review this documentary interview. You made it extra interesting with the sound & special effects. 


Thank you Bob, straight from my heart.  --- Michelle ‘Chelle’ Angelini


Remembering Wanda Coleman

November 23, 2013

By David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times Book Critic


Wanda Coleman was a force of nature…  There was that magnificent voice, for one thing: resonant, oratorical, deep with experience. And then, of course, there was everything she had to say…” (continues)

“This is a MASTER CLASS  for poets and writers…

A real treasure!

I am viewing it now and bursting with gratitude.

This is an important work!”

by Anthensome BC, Writer


IMPRESSIONS Magazine of the Arts


City of   Los Angeles  Certificate of Recognition

GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT Film really showed the committed artist Wanda Coleman. Her Genius." 

— Mello-Re Houston 


“I've seen  GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT and it's fantastic. Look forward to seeing it again."

— Pegarty Long 


THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT DVD includes interview plus Poetry  Readings.  80 minutes of unadulterated magic!



United States Congress 


Certificate of Special

Congressional  Recognition






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