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{Into the under....}


"You knock-kneed and sloppy/but not me/I'm I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T."

I want to pose a question to you.
What do you see?
When you walk the streets in your city, what do you see?  When you look at a passing subway train, what do you see?  When you look at buildings, what do you see?

Some would answer, I see people, or I see cars, or even I see architectural genius.  The answer I'm searching for is, "I see the voices of a young urban culture screaming at me, or I see the most revolutionary art movement in recent memory."

The streets of urban America have been transformed into a living, writhing art gallery.  The streets are easels and Graffiti is the art form.

The Golden One finished watching Graffiti Verite' 2: Freedom of ExpreSSion? a few  short moments ago, truly one of the best documentaries on the Graf art that I've ever been privy to seeing.  I wish I could've seen GV1 though.  Bob Bryan is extremely successful at depicting Graffiti art as an unsung and unrecognized source of some of the most original and culturally rich artwork of the 20th Century.

It likens Graffiti to the impressionists of the early 1900's. Similar to Graf work, impressionist  works were not accepted into the mainstream until long after they were created.  Viewing this film makes me see the talent that is going unnoticed in the art-world.  But in my belief, it is only  a matter of time before the work that lines the walls and trains in LA and NY (and around the world) will soon be at the forefront of a whole new art movement.
Bryan features a number of different artists with interviews and some great shots of the work in the Belmont Tunnels of LA and other locales.  I give it three and a half-flaming heads. [Out of five]

GV2 is now available at Hip Hop Now, so check it out. {I've already watched it twice.} Until next time. Peace, Love and Thought.

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