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GV2 Review

Independent documentary film maker Bob Bryan has once again with his second release of GV2, captured the inner heart and soul of the underground aerosol art movement within the Los Angeles area.  Although the term "graffiti" has been labeled upon us and commonly accepted; graffiti is a title that the mayor of NYC in the early 1970's came up with, in order to make the general public look down us while the city used this excuse to extort millions of tax dollars the very first year.  It was a marketing ploy to remove graffiti from the trains in NYC and get himself an easy reelection.  Well, he got reelected anyhow, but he did not put a dent in the raw art movement! But what we saw was a new way to make money for the city and his kick back buddies in the chemical industry.  Major corporations are making more money off of our art than the artist themselves.

It's 1999 and the money making machine has spread to every major city, using NYC as a blueprint of tax dollar extortion.  In 1984 NYC was already and way back then, up to 22 million dollars in tax money directly spent to the removal of graffiti.  There are no dollars spent for youth programs directed to this so called "problem", much less legal public spaces.  Reason enough to look!
Updated - December 16, 1998
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