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" It is only by following your deepest instinct that you can lead a rich life,
and if you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct,
then your life will be safe, expedient and thin."
--Katharine Butler Hathaway

On-Line Screening of the Graffiti Verite' Documentary Video Series
The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop
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" PACO ROSIC is an extraordinary Painter, Graphic Design Artist and Clothing Designer who works in a variety of media, all in his effort to get his Artistic ideas "out there."  Born in Bosnia, Paco emigrated to Germany and is now living with his immediate family in  Waterloo, Iowa, USA. I met Paco in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I had decided to document the 4 day Hip-Hop Workshop conceived and organized by Jim Jacobmeyer, Art Teacher,  Metro High School for GV5.

                "Our summer school theme was inspired, in part, by the video Graffiti Verite’, a collection
                   of interviews Bob had done with West Coast Graffiti artists," says Jim Jacobmeyer.

When I was first introduced to Paco I surmissed that he was very shy and reserved because of his apparent aloofness.  Eventually he warmed up and began to open up to me.  He confessed that he was sorry if his behavior came off as aloof, but in fact, he was in shock that he was actually meeting me, and that he was going to be "in" a Graffiti Verite' documentary! I wondered why that was a big deal? He nervously explained to me that while living in Bosnia and experiencing the daily military holocaust that was going in his homeland; he was given a copy of my first documentary on Graffiti Art, Graffiti Verite'. He told me that he was captivated by the articulate Graffiti Artists and marveled over their work. Graffiti Verite'  provided him with a picture-window into another universe that he had never conceived of before.  Paco realized that Graffiti Art was an viable outlet that could dramatically  allow him to express the intense emotions locked up within him. He came to understand that this "underground" artform could potentially represent an outlet for personal expression  much more powerful and positive, than mere vandalism. Continuing, he noted that it was the significant liberating value of the ideas revealed within Graffiti Verite' that inspired and motivated him to abandon vandalism and to create Graffiti Art and Fine Art for Galleries / Museums / Corporations / Collectors, and reinvent himself  vigorously as an entrepreneur / artist. 

This new idea helped Paco spiritually escape the relentless daily horror of seeing his family and friends killed and his country ravaged and torn apart  by the savagery of domestic war, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Eventually Paco managed to physically escape Bosnia to Germany, where his new life as an Artist blossomed.

During the shooting of the documentary Paco continuosly reminded  me about how his appearing  "in" Graffiti Verite'  was for him, a  miracle. "I can't believe it, I just can't believe it. First I see your video and it changed my life, and now I'm in it? I can't believe this."  Paco repeated this to me over and over again during our wonderful 4 day experience together in Cedar Rapids, Iowa,  reminding me of the inherent power of ideas and the six degrees of separation, that really connects all of us. Paco and I will be friends forever! The rest as they say, is a matter of history!  I am proud to profile Paco in GV5, honoring his creativity, spirit and his positive ever-evolving journey.

Paco is the Master Graffiti Artist / Instructor assigned in the 4 day Hip-Hop workshop to the Graffiti Art wall element.  Together with his associate, Graffiti Artist Alex Golub, they conducted a Graffiti Art Workshop for the eager and adventurous Metro High School students and administrative staff.  The results of this collaborative effort can be partially seen on the GV5 Cover and the photos below.

Always a challenging adventure teaching the basic techniques of Graffiti Art to novices;  Paco's patience, work ethic, and talent created the proper positive atmosphere that allowed the students to bond with this new creative and technical process and successfully express themselves  in creating the work of art that you see exhibited here.

Also included in this picture gallery page are photos provided by Paco, taken under his direction at "Estudio de Paco,"  at his hometown city of Waterloo, Iowa.  Paco serves as a member of the Young Iowans Cultural Council (YICC) and a member of the Waterloo Center for the Arts Commission. It is my pleasure to introduce to everyone, the multi-talented internationally known artist, Paco Rosic."

More info on the screening of GV5 can be found here.

Paco Rosic
Alex Golub
Alex with Students
 The uncompleted wall
Uncompleted part of the wall
Graphic on the Wall- Turntablism
Breakdancing Graphic on the Wall
Breakdancing Graphic on the Wall
Paco and canvas
Paco in Studio
Paco in Studio
Paco in studio 
Wall in Estudio Paco
Wall in Estudio Paco 
 All Photos were provided by Artist Paco Rosic 
Can you say Tornado?
    That's the image that comes to mind when I think about Paco. The thing that differentiates Paco from other artists' is his capacity to get things done, now! Paco doesn't talk about what he's gonna do, he does it! And beware if he does speak because his artistic voice is a mix of compassion, passion, creativity, committment to excellence, artistic courage and imagination.

    Paco doesn't create for others, but rather for himself ! He "must" purge himself of his "visions" in order to free himself first of the demons that have temporarily possessed him. His artistic expressions are like an exorcism! You wanna know what's going on in Paco's world right now? Just take a look at his work! He bounces from heaven to hell to earth within mere moments when you are in his presence. The great thing is that he tells you the complete truth when asked, as politically incorrect as that may be these days.

    As you can tell I truly love Paco and working with him on GV5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-hop was the highlight of my being in Iowa. As a Los Angeleno, by way of NYC, I had no idea what to expect from Iowa. It was great to find out that in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, there resides the essence of "insanity" that drives the engine of subjective creativity. I'm glad things weren't passe' or locked down. I was surprised at the thirst for creative expression and freedom that thrives in the soul of the young people I met.

    Paco made me feel sooo at home by the sheer power and warmth of his personality and the fire that burns within him. While in Iowa I never for a minute missed being back home in LA; because when you travel with Paco you are at home!

    Between the exciting Hip-hop workshop in Metro HS in Cedar Rapids and the fascinating time that I had when relaxing with him at his lovely Graffiti Art Gallery / homestead in Waterloo, visiting with his family, tripping with him over at the Art Museum or having a chinese take- out meal ordered at the local market, it was all good! Paco's personality is all-american, all-world, generous and affable. It was my pleasure to meet him and moreover a pleasure to introduce this talented Artist to the world.

Please check out GV5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-hop and get to know the public world of Paco Rosic like I did. You'll be surprised and addicted... —Bob Bryan, filmmaker


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