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"If you can buy only one poetry program this year, buy this odyssey of 31 poets who read, rant, and philosophize about what they do."  
-LIBRARY JOURNAL, Ernest Jaeger, formerly with North Plainfield Pub. Schs., NJ 
"The secret life of poetry, poets, and how they think, work and live, is confessed in a candid style that is sometimes funny, sometimes freaky and sometimes thought provoking. It has an educational feel and would be suitable for teenagers."
-Jayne Fenton Keane www.poetinresidence.com 
"The DVD is a stimulating film about poetry and the writing process and a great introduction to some lesser known but compelling voices. Yes, it is a sumptuous feast. " 
-Richard Wilhelm /Ibbetson Update 
"Filmed in the intimate settings of the poets' own homes, or in natural surroundings, interview segments alternate with the reading of shorter or longer bits of poetry.  The whole thing has an amazing unity..." 
-Pat Hartman, VirtualVenice.com
"This film is a documentation of the glimpses of this ‘poetic world’ wherein a poet feels at home, wherein a poet returns, time and again, to evaluate his/her reality. " 
-Ashok Sharda
"Both the nature and the power of poetry are the subjects of Bob Bryan’s documentary...  GV6  offers a collage of readings, observations, and recollections from 31 poets – an extremely varied group.  Many of the featured poets are also teachers, who speak not only of their own need to write but also of the positive effects of introducing their students to poetry... the film succeeds in illustrating their passion and commitment. "
 The Video Review Magazine for Libraries
"Not only do you get to hear the poets talk about what poetry means to them...and the passion they have for the writing...  This would be a perfect classroom tool for any teacher wanting to get their students into poetry. It's also a total immersion into the SoCal scene, which I love." 
-Collin Kelley, Atlanta News Group
"Bob Bryan make the quick cuts—necessitated by the vast ground that he has to cover—often work to his advantage....Touching on subjects from the personal to the public, the sacred to the profane, touching on elements of culture, family, love, language and self-perception, among others."
-Daniel Sendecki, Ahadada Books  
" Veils of mystery are peeled way exposing the human condition and the efforts and struggles to make sense of the life around us. Poets, writers, artists, teachers, and students will find this film a must-see experience. You will return to it time and again for inspiration, motivation and entertainment."
-David Fraser, Ascent Aspirations Magazine
"I find that part relentlessly fascinating, to hear where the writer got his start, what brought him in, what keeps him going... using that opportunity to try adding something onto your own ideas and beliefs. The idea is to get you thinking about sides of poetry you might not have looked at before. GV6 brings out this opportunity brilliantly, offering more perspective than I think I've ever seen gathered in a single place." 
-Gabriel Ricard  is a Staff Interviewer at Unlikely 2.0
"This inspiring program features 31 contemporary poets presenting their work and celebrating the enigmatic yet powerful world of
poetry. Harryette Mullen, Lynne Thompson, Steve Goldman, Luis Campos, and Catherine Daly are some of the poets features on this
intriguing glimpse into the universe of expression and words." ---Newegg
"Quite simply, as a writer myself, my eyes didn’t leave the screen until the video ended. It was like nothing I had ever seen or had the pleasure of hearing such sound principles before. It’s hard to understand poetry from books or a classroom, but from the poets minds and voices themselves it all makes perfect sense. That is why this is such a great reference tool, because the poets are passionate,  the art is real, and today, not from some textbook." 
-Chad Myers,  Strangeroad.com
 " It is a reference work. So meaning intensive that one could refer to it for a lifetime. Truly a breakthrough triumph! "
-Steve Goldman, Poet 
"A cyclone collage of images, words and ideas and of course humor.  What poetry is; where it came from and where it may go? If its dead, alive or in transition? How many forms it has; if it needs one in the first place?  Does any of it make the slightest difference? 
 This film at times causes tears, reveals hidden hypocrisies, small biting and beautiful glimpses of what may be called "Artistic Truth."
-Jack G Bowman, MA MFT 
" Take the time to revel in the 72 minutes of Magic and Enlightenment! If you didn't grow after watching this film--you're already dead." 
-Johnny Masuda, Poet 
"It's gorgeous!! You did a great job. Thank you from the Poetry community for doing this beautiful documentary." 
-Dr. Thea Iberall, Poet 
"In addition to being delicious, GV6 The Odyssey is also nutritious.  As an educational tool, it spans the subject thoroughly, covering topics from why poets write and how they write to how poems work and what makes the art form relevant and necessary.  Woven
together, Bryan’s interviews with all the poets become an in depth conversation about the meaning of poetry and the meaning of life. "--getunderground.com
"Wow wow wow... 
Great job!" 
 -Rod Bradley, Filmmaker,  Poet 
" I really appreciated the way the narrative flowed throughout the presentation.  It was captivating." 
 -Askew, Poet 
" I'd say educators are sure to find the hope they've sought... to set young pens on fire." 
-Deidre Elizabeth, Poetry Editor 
" 31 contemporary poets present their work and celebrate the enigmatic yet powerful world of poetry."
" I watched it twice because for a novice it was overwhelming."
-Janice M Frucci, Head of Vocational Rehabilitation
" I heard such a wealth of information here that it gave me a fresh viewpoint on my own writing." 
-Michelle Angelini, Writer 
" One of the best (Interviews) I've ever had."
-Wanda Coleman, Poet
" By circling around the core of what poetry is, they give a fuller picture of poetry and its power than any flat, direct statements could."
-G. Murray Thomas, POETIX REVIEW
" I'm impressed with the work you've done to create a comprehensible portrait of a diverse community of poets. It's been a pleasure to see how you've infused this work with your own enthusiasm for the art of poetry." 
-Harryette Mullen, Poet  
"A first-rate production that creatively cuts from poet to poet on “What is poetry?”  A lotta wisdom here from some very special beings on this planet. "
-Don "Kingfisher" Campbell, Poet, Educator 
"  I'm really pleased with the finished product.  I have high hopes for the success of your effort... this terriffic project." 
-Jawanza Dumisani, Poet 
"What an amazing job you did; I love the inter-splicing & the "extras"!...such a wonderful, professionally
-presented project 
-- it's terrific!" 
-Lynne Thompson, Poet 
" What an Odyssey it is. Bravo to you. It must've  been an incredible journey." 
-Shahe Mankerian, Poet 
 "I also liked the pacing of the DVD--it seemed like you really thought about how to maintain the interest of the viewer.  Since pacing is also important in poetry, it was interesting to me to see how pacing manifests itself in a visual medium". -Victoria Chang, Poet 
"I loved how the film turned out -- it was bold and unusual, loving and supportive...you have a gift for interview, which I admire...so good on you, as they say Down Under..." 
-Nika Hoffman, Poet 
"My initial response from viewing GV6  is that it is a marvelous work that seeks to bare the inner workings of the sensitized souls and the creative process of these artists who create and express their passion through poetry. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Its real!" 
--Glenn Towery, Reviewer 
" The video was excellent, great production values! Thanks for including me in this impressive project." 
-Cheryl Beychok, Poet 
" It's a wonderful documentary. You deserve a lot of kudos.  I actually found myself liking poets as a whole again. " 
-Marie Lecrivain, Author, Poet
"Nicely done. Good synthesis and effects. (What a bunch of editing. Wow, you amaze.) " 
-Richard Weekley, Poet 
"Good job; your compilation makes for fascinating viewing and listening. I expect it to be a hit in the classroom." 
-Suzanne Lummis, Poet 
"Unlike a lot of documentaries and cinematic treatments of poetry, the discussion was deep and engaging. The poets all had widely different styles and backgrounds, and the overwhelming majority of the poems were excellent. 
But more important was the discussion of poetry, hearing so many writers talk unguardedly about process, and about the role poetry plays and can play in the their lives and in the world."
-Victor D. Infante
" You managed to capture the insanity / sanity part of the mind with some great ideas from the poets. " 
-Jerry Danielsen, Poet 
" This documentary is truly the only of its kind in the universe.  Groundbreaking!" 
-Marcielle Brandler, Author
"DOCTOR DOCTOR! YOU DID IT!  YOU DID IT!  It looks great ! " 
-Brendan Constantine, Poet 
" It's Great!!! I liked the variety of poets and what they said. I thought the pacing was great too-the way sometimes the poets' statements spoke to each other - lovely lovely."
-Elena Karina Byrne, Poet  
" I just have to say ONE MORE TIME how much I like / love the dvd.. I've actually bought quite a few (ahem!) books, cds, dvds etc from myspace 'friends' which has been great, but this one takes the biscuit. It's such a bloody good idea. Wish someone in the Scottish poetry scene would produce something similar!  I've watched it a few times now, and feel quite close to the people - I love them all...I'm passing it onto a couple of friends for them to enjoy.... Hmm thanks for bringing this into my life! "  
"This movie manages to bring a true poetic spirit to discussions about how one writes poetry, and what it means."
"I love the film ! What a blessing to know you and to work with you!" 
-Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, Poet 
GV6 Press Release
Complete GV6 Reviews
GV6 Poet Bios
GV6 Headline Review Quotes
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