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"definitely dope. Surprising !"
---Chesney Snow, Co-Founder of the
World Beatbox Association

"It (GV8 The Fifth Element) creates for the viewer
a rare peek inside an intimate conversation with established beatboxing artists.

Very informative for those whose interest is on overload by the re-emergence of The Art of Beatbox."
---Chesney Snow, Co-Founder of the World Beatbox Association

The Truth Behind The Art of Beat-Boxing
By Adam Matta
It was a thrill to watch Bob Bryan's GV8 The Art of the Beat-Boxer, and hear testimonies, explanations, and words of advice from some of LA's best practitioners of this under-appreciated artform, the "5th Element."  Click 88, Pretty Chi and Joshua Silverstein, all legendary in the field, allow us insight into their processes and motivations for pursuing Beat-Boxing.

Director Bob Bryan seems to have a way of making the interviewees feel at ease in front of the camera, extracting a cohesive proclamation of the understanding, talent, individuality, commitment, attention to detail, and, most of all, heart, that go into creating a Beat-Box sound.  They demonstrate techniques, wax philosophical on the dedication it takes to represent the culture to the fullest, and expose the more subtle dimensions of becoming a full-time Beat-Boxer.

The artform's early days are elucidated, as are basic definitions of what it is and isn't, icons and inspirations, and examples of how vocal percussion can be applied in a multiplicity of contexts.

Click 88 compares beatboxing to visual art, Silverstein calls for a more literary critique of the artform, and Pretty Chi demonstrates the emotional potential of a beat, all in service of the film's vision to uncover the intricacies of Beat-Boxing, to lift it past the realm of "novelty," into a level of acceptance that the other Hip-Hop elements have achieved thus far.

The editing flows effortlessly from Beat-Boxer to visual aid to concert footage, from Beat-Boxing nuts and bolts to performance theory and practice and leaves the viewer with a sense of Beat-Boxing's great potential.

Big thanks to Bob Bryan for helping Beat-Boxing reach the heights and audience it deserves.

--Adam Matta Freelance Musician/Artist/Beatboxer/Artist. Perform vocal percussion for theater, music, art installation, dance, TV, film, and radio. Artist (Bicycle art, mixed media, painting, drawing), illustrator and muralist.

Cornell University: July 2007 - Present (Artist in Residence) Live/work at Risley Hall, provide two programs/month (live shows at Tammany Night Club in the dorm), Beatbox as an accompanist for eight dance classes/week, work with the Middle Eastern Ensemble. organize concerts.
Website: http://www.adammatta.com/

Hey thanks for the documentary!
Review by Dubb Ro

I was drawn into GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT: The Art of the Beat-Boxer doc and it was really very educational.

I think this is great and also extremely important for unknown talent out there to be exposed & showcased as well. People with mad-talent who have really never been seen before and don't have the opportunity or access to agents or business managers and can't break into the industry like some people are lucky enough to.

I really liked the pure essence of what beatboxin' is and how they broke-it-down.
---Dubb Ro
Dubbaffliation  WestCoastin' in Germany!!! WestCoast Music in yo face!!! Ep & LP comin' soon.
Favorite Quotations: K.I.M. "Keep it Movin' "

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch and review your film.  I truly enjoyed it!"

The GV8 THE ART OF THE BEATBOXER: The Fifth Element is an absolute must-see Hip-Hop indie documentary.
Review by Eleasha D. Sledge

I am not a true Hip-Hop fan but I can honestly say that after watching this documentary I see Beat-Boxing in a whole new light.

I was truly amazed how the oral cavity creates such astonishing sounds.  As I sat and listened in awe my body instantly began to move-to-the-beat.  Each Hip-Hop artist had there own unique and creative way of forming riveting beats.

The GV8 THE ART OF THE BEATBOXER: The Fifth Element was very informative, creative and entertaining Hip-Hop indie film that will captivate non-Hip Hop and true Hip-Hop fans of all walks of nature.
---Eleasha D. Sledge
Interests: Graffiti, Copy editing, Proofreading, Filmmaking, Education, Earth science, Philosophy, Psychology, Ancient history, UFO Aliens

Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

The Art of the Beat Box, oh what a remarkable concept of music.  Who could have imagined that the oral cavity of a human could create such a dynamic cacophony of tones, moans & groans?

This uncanny head-banging, tongue-twisting, lip-flapping, deep-burping, nose-blowing symphonic composition is truly an art form of rarity and originality.

Once again Hip-Hop has spawned a revolutionary genre of music that is true to the game.  You see, Beat-Boxing was birth on the streets of NYC for rappers who desired music to kick a rhyme when there was no music available.  When an MC infused his/her rap with the bobbing & weaving of a Beat-Boxer, it took the soulful experience to another level.

What GV8 reveals to us is that these musicians/artist improvised by using what God gave them; the ability to mimic sounds that an electronic device (The Beat- Box) produced for a whopping fee of $200 or more.  The Human Beat-Boxer manipulates his nose, throat & mouth to create tribal rhythms that will have you wondering ‘How’s he doing that?’  By emulating percussions and bass he is able to set the mood emotionally.

What this film, GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT  does is allows you to respect the talent that so few possess.  It’s a discipline that requires breath control and stamina.  In order to master this craft one must be a good listener which will allow you to distinguish the crescendos you are producing.

Thanks to this footage you can appreciate such artist as Rahzel, Doug E Fresh, Biz Markie and Darren Robinson “the Human Beat Box” (The Fat Boys), these Kats have earned their respect as pioneers of this magnificent art form.  The one thing they all share and recognize is that scatting is a form of vocalism which is not of Hip-Hop so therefore it is not Beat-Boxing.

Let us give a big shout-out to Bobby McFerrin, who is dope but he is not a Beat-Boxer; he is a Vocal Percussionist.

Once again, film Producer, Bob Bryan has captured the pure essence of what Hip-Hop is all about and frankly speaking if he didn’t bring this movie to the forefront I would’ve been one of those who might have “gotten it twisted”.  
Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson

Review by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

Good documentaries transport you into worlds you may not otherwise ever come across in your daily life. THE ART OF THE BEATBOXER gets you so close to the action, you will swear you can "feel the spit on the microphone."

Any doubts that Beatboxing is a powerful emergent art-form will be erased once you see how passionate these musicians are with their craft.

If you love music, you need to watch this!
---Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Award Winning Author (Number One with a Bullet)
Welcome to the world of high-priced hitmen and the sport they’ve been thrust into. Dane, one of the top ten best killers has been notoriously absent from the contest, much to the dismay of the wealthy men and women betting on him to win. Having left the life, he’s disappeared to an oceanfront hideaway and has vowed never to return. But when the game finds him and threatens the only woman he’s ever loved, this killer realizes the only way out is to get back in.

Bio: Award-winning author MARK YOSHIMOTO NEMCOFF’s work in new media has been featured in Playboy Magazine, News of the World and of course on the internet. A former recipient of the Warner Bros. Drama Writers Fellowship, Mark has written for TV and has had the pleasure of seeing his work directed by Bruce Campbell. A trained musician, he also did time as a TV music composer where he penned original music for the ‘94 Winter Olympics on CBS as well as several national network series themes. His book WHERE’S MY F*CKING LATTE? was featured on Access Hollywood.

"OK Bob!!! I have just finished watching your film and I would be speechless, but I have a review to do lol. It was great... My 15 year old daughter and I (48 yrs old) both loved it, can't wait to tell you! "

Having never really given much thought to this style of musical expression; I was surprisingly impressed by this documentary.

From the beginning I was immediately interested in the content.

The passion of the various artists was infectious, as I anticipated each coming segment. The fact that these young men are attractive, articulate and knowledgeable about Beat-Boxing really helped to keep my attention.

GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT is informative and very entertaining as well. The graphic images tied in perfectly and the background music stood out. The Art of the Beatboxer sends a positive message regarding the art-form, while giving the audience an understanding of the hands-on dynamics of the craft. Artists will be encouraged to pursue their dreams, after viewing it.

I am 48 years old, my daughter is 15 years old and we both really enjoyed this film (documentary)!!
--Annette Patterson, Author

BIO: Annette is an author, gospel singer, motivational speaker and counselor. Her book 7 Steps to Receiving the Desires of Your Heart ( A Biblical Approach to True Prosperity) will be released worldwide this summer 2010.

Book Note: Personalized / autographed advance copies of 7 Steps to Receiving the Desires of Your Heart can be purchased at http://www.facebook.com/l/c834f;apministries.webs.com for only $15.95 (free shipping - just click on the donation link)

*Note: Thank you again Bob for the opportunity to share in this moment with you, it has been awesome. I know there are more great things coming your way.....fast! This is a fantastic project; I'm so excited for you! God Bless


Thank You for sending me GV8. It is a wonderful documentary!

I can't even start to explain how much I learned about the Art of BeatBoxing.
Another job well done my brother.

Well Wishes and Please Continue Doing Your Thing.

---Eric Canada, Filmmaker

GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT: The Art of the Beat-Boxer Review
---By Marsha Lewis (OceanK.)

The Art of the Beat-Boxer is a Bryan World Productions, LLC on the art of Beat-Boxing, which brings you into the world of a how-to, if you will, on Beat-Boxing. How to interpret, how to distinguish and even how to Beat-Box. Since art often imitates life and vice versa, it’s not hard to tell that Beat-Boxing comes from the heart of Hip-Hop.

Bryan brings artists such as Pretty Chi, Joshua Silverstein, Click 88, DJ Ethos, Rachel Kahn, Johnny Chavarrio, and Janssen, out of the crevices of Hip-Hop internationally, to demonstrate and describe this rarely well-delivered art form; out of the shadows of the likes of Biz Markie and Doug E. Fresh, and into the limelight, to demonstrate this striking art-form, in all its magnificence.

The Art of the Beat-Boxer is a "how-to" for any aspiring Beat-Boxer, who wants to learn step-by-step technique, as well as the knowledge involved, in order to achieve  Beat-Boxing from the heart. This is also the ideal documentary for the die-hard Hip-Hop head, on a quest for insight from other heads who truly appreciate and respect this art form.

Delivering Hip-Hop emotions“ and using “breath control” is how Click 88 and Silverstein talked about the art of Beat Box, while demonstrating how this oral yet non-verbal muscular exercise comes about.

Watching this Hip-Hop-umentary had me feeling a tad bit different about Beat-Box; it affected me unlike any other doc, but just as much as a Beat-Boxing cipher in Washington Square Park, on a hot summer afternoon.  The difference between vocal percussion artists and Beat-Boxers is something that is more than clear: Beat-Boxing comes from a further distance than the lips, but is a heart-felt, meaningful exercise of jolting the senses and peaking one’s insight and curiosity.

More than spit and noise, more than a moment where people stop and stare in amazement. Beat-Boxing taps into major emotions of places unknown, like the primal African drum. The Art of the Beat-Boxer is a timeless narrative not to be overlooked.

---By Marsha Lewis (OceanK.) Easy going, honest, creative, reminiscent, loyal, trustworthy, and a patient friend. Aside from that, I am the writer of G-Spot Chronicles, DL Lives and Deadbeat. G-Spot Chronicles is available at most online stores. I also create music...and soap.
G-Spot Chronicles can be purchased at Barnes & Noble.com (bn.com). The music That Accompanies the book is on iTunes (OceanK.)

I am a writer, music composer and mother, living in Brooklyn New York, anxious to meet like-minded individuals, who want to make it happen with their creativity and natural talent. I am also the creator and owner of a company called KMT Spa (Previously called Top Choice Chocolates.) KMT Spa™, is a start-up catering business specializing in hand-made products. I began this company by specializing in cakes, cupcakes, melt-in-your-mouth cookies and chocolate lollipops.

"Here is my review. I loved this film."

GV8: The Fifth Element: The Heart of the Beat Boxer
---Brenda Wagoner

This beautifully shot documentary is smooth and cohesive. It is sleek and it is as educational as it is entertaining.

The Fifth Element offers an in-depth view of 'Human Beat Boxers.' It is a complete exploration of who, what, how, but especially the ' why' these artists 'are'.
The film is vaguely reminiscent of Rize a documentary about Krump and Klown dancers and like Rize, the Beat Boxers are a society, not just performing artists. Their lives are inextricably intertwined with their art.

Although the dancers are equally adept at their craft, and are very fine artists in their own right, they could not exist without the beat. The Beat Boxers are the beat, they exist for it.

This film (GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT) documents the Beat Boxers' amazing talents. They are all percussion, all rhythm, all music, you don't really have to understand it, you simply appreciate it for the art-form that it is.
---Brenda Wagoner

The Art of the Beat Box- "The Fifth Element"

I was instantly drawn in!  The beat underlying the dialogue fits very nicely.  You don’t have to strain to hear either.  As a filmmaker, that can be tough to correct that balance.  These filmmakers succeed !

The beatboxers are great at what they do.  We get a little background of the “Pretty C” and "Johnny Chavarria" (who reminds me of a cross between DeBarge and an artist from Digable Planets).  They’re very playful and expressive as they detail more of the art-form.

The artist (Click 88) around 10 minutes is pretty awesome as well.  It’s very obvious that these guys are making attempt to push their sounds as far as they can go.  Imagine making 3 or more sounds…with your mouth…at the same time?  That takes makin’ the music to a whole 'nother level.

The audience should also appreciate the editing down with the visuals around the 7 minute mark.  Those pieces give us a little more to look at; almost from a different perspective.
---Tieuel Legacy! Aka The Devil’s Devil’s Advocate-  Writer and Filmmaker (Houston, TX)
tieuellegacy@yahoo.com       www.facebook.com/tieuel.legacy

Dear Bob Bryan,

You've done it again.

GV8 The Fifth Element: The Art of The Beat Boxer is a magnificent presentation of an art form that has been shrouded in mystery for too many years. I enjoyed being pulled into the technical/wizardry of the wonderful world of human beats. The explanation between the difference of what Bobby McFerrin does with beats and what beat boxers do was so enlightening and sets the tone for what is yet to be learned by watching this story unfold.  I loved what Click 88 and Joshua Silverstein did in allowing us an intimate view into what it takes to become a human beat making machine, their dedication, practice and skills. Pretty Chi and the others are amazing as well.

Thank you Bob for revealing to us the mystery's of this remarkable American birthed art form in your insightful and mesmerizing documentary. Thank you also for preserving it for generations to come.

Truly the contents of this documentary will be coveted by cultures worldwide as a door that allows them to enter into beat box paradise with a more thorough understanding of what is at the heart of the art.

Can't wait to see GV9 (The DJ). You are preserving the aesthetics of Hip-Hop and its culture like no other filmmaker I know.

---Glenn R. Towery, Filmmaker
"Glenn & Linus Michael attend the Million Man March"

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