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Graffiti Verite' 9 (GV9) SOULFUL WAYS: The DJ
Directed by Bob Bryan
Running time: 45 Minutes
Review by Allan Baldwin, Writer

"Hip Hop is counterintelligence. It's not how much knowledge or book-smarts you got ...Using a turntable is innovation." ---Michael Deet, Filmmaker

"It's hard to write a review about a DJ documentary without comparing it to the grandaddy of them all: "SCRATCH". After all, what more could be said about the art form after the exhaustive definition that was? What with the inclusion of all the pioneers and gods of the game, and it's delineation of radio DJ, turntablist, etc., you would think there would be very little left to say or any new way to present the topic. But after watching Soulful Ways: The DJ I now wonder: if there were an elective class on the topic, might this be a better alternative? It's at least an excellent supplement.

The quickest way to understand how Soulful Ways does something new with the information is to look at how it's organized. If "SCRATCH" mimicked the live cuts on records by rewinding images and replaying key elements of an interview, The DJ takes the reference to a whole new level.

The documentary is divided into chapters like: "What is a DJ", "The Basics" and "DJ Styles" on the one hand, overlaid with short howto's named after particular scratches like: "Baby Scratch", "Transformer" and "Hamster Switch". Traditionally in writing and filmmaking, you would expect all those how-to's to be grouped together under one of the main chapter titles, but then like the art of DJing, GV9 Soulful Ways is not traditional. That's where the cut-and-paste nature of the performance art and musicianship of DJing is clearly reflected in the ADD jumps and cuts of this documentary.

Like any respectable postmodern work, the process is revealed through bloopers woven into the interviews themselves. And in that way it's clear that while "SCRATCH" is a great documentary, it was made by someone from outside the culture looking in. The fabric of GV9 is clearly made by someone from the inside who's living it.

"A DJ spins for the love of it, not the money, not the fame ... he's alone."---Justin BUA, Distorted Urban Artist, Director

Since the pioneers are covered elsewhere, Soulful Ways is a window into what is happening right now, in a particular scene (LA), with names even the most studied DJ academic may not recognize. Names like P-Money, DJ Hint, A.N.T.I., DJ Ethos, DA Scientist, DJ Handprints and others tell the bedroom tale of becoming a musician in a way that, even if you've seen other such documentaries, speaks to the universality of the DJ's experience.

Watching Soulful Ways, I couldn't help but think how pioneers like DJ Qbert (who's given a shout-out), outlined the major discoveries, and now kids are following in their footsteps in one-bulb bedrooms and basements around the world. It's as if guys like Grand Master Flash discovered fire and now everyone cooks with it. Like with every generation's build on the past, this new generation doesn't talk about the early days of pause tapes and not being able to afford turntables like Mix Master Mike. They are one leg up, talking about their first mixer and how laptops and keyboards are the equipment they aspire to rounding out their sound.

What also sets Soulful Ways apart is the quick jumps from profiling the sub-group of LA-based DJs and their labs to the MCs and how they write to the beat. How they write lyrics by phone, through texting and across state lines. To the painters and video directors like BUA, and how they capture and honor the culture. All this interspersed with homemade music videos, quick DJ wisdom about contract negotiation and managers.

My favorite interview, however, was with Mike Perry, author of "Turntable Timmy." Since much of the information outside of this particular group of artists wasn't new to me, I concentrated on filmmaking craft until Perry showed up. This interview alone was reason enough to watch Soulful Ways.

The combination of an insider like director Bob Bryan interviewing and filming Perry was priceless. Oh, the memories and that book. Oh, the way Perry sat reading to his daughter his new book on low riders (Daniels Ride) . Yup!

"Yes, I just play records."---DJ Handprints (38 Cal DJs)

This statement brings the conversation full-circle. Where once DJs had to battle against the prevailing belief that DJing was not musicianship the way a Pianist or a Cellist is, the DJs in GV9 benefit from the growing understanding that this view is far from the truth. And while all the DJs featured know and agree on the names of particular scratches and combinations, a big name of the culture, Kutmasta Kurt (who's a staple throughout the documentary) flaunts the fact that he just plays; he doesn't know nor cares what they've come to be called. Again this is a shift away from the apologies the pioneers have had to make up until now and shows that DJing has either gained mainstream respect or is powerful enough not to care.

--Allan Baldwin, Writer <gumkojima@me.com>
Favorite Quote:  "the moment you cheat for the sake of beauty you know you're an artist"..max ernst

Hey Bob, just watched the movie yesterday. For sure, its dope! I like the grassroots feel. Much needed work.  Feeling how it broke the artform down, its relation to beatmaking, emceeing. Definitely a "must-see" piece for these new age serato dj's. I'll be sending the review shortly....

Soulful Ways-The Dj
Review by Berg Beauge

Recently I had a conversation with a young cat about the relevance of artist and contributors of the culture who might be “past their prime”. This Cat had categorized Nas as an old rapper, past-his-prime who should move over for the new school.

I’m putting aside the fact that Nas and Damian Marley so far have the Album of the Year as I am making my point. If you, as an artist or individual in your field have changed the face of your profession forever, you can never be irrelevant. This is lesson I put this cat on too, to which he finally made admission to, as fact, after a spirited debate.

I feel the same way about Rakim, BDK, BDP, BIG, Tupac, Big L, and countless other legends. DJ Kool Herc created the Break-Beat, the conceptual foundation for the beat, the palette where the emcee paints portraits.

Soulful Ways teaches upcoming DJs the importance of knowing the tools of the trade, building skill, a rapport with the artist, reppin where you’re from and most of all Originality.

In an era where swag-in-a-bag can be purchased at any local shopping center, we need more pieces that strive to teach Originality expressed through Artistic Originality. The So-Cal Djs and Emcees in GV9 THE DJ represent the grassroots culture of the music we call rap and the culture that is Hip-Hop.

Each of these DJs has a unique style, approach and philosophy as to how they spin wax, produce and engage in the creative process of making songs as well as performing with other artists. SOULFUL WAYS gives a mind, body and soul breakdown of what the DJ is all about.

Dj’s have a functionality within the culture lost on many of these Sarato Djs (**editors note-This software system replicates the traditional DJing experience for "real feel" usability and performance.), its called breaking records, since Dj’s play the records the crowd loves they have an ease of access to setting-the-trends. Traditionally a Dj would play a Hot-Unknown-Record and have the crowd buzzing like “who was that?” ... “I got to get that record” etc.

The culture has become a bunch of ipod DJs playing a corporate playlist, afraid to rock-the-boat. GV9 Soulful Ways is a must-see for new cats’ coming into the game and many cats currently in the game unaware of what it’s truly about. This documentary covers the basic elements of Djing while teaching the skills, tools and business involved. Thats completion !

I would also recommend this piece for those who appreciate the culture and all things Hip-Hop.

Respect the Architect……Or as my dude Dj Asiatic would say: "Get it in your head."

---Berg Beauge
Bio:  Mr.Berger aka Iceberg Slim makes music for all who love music. Appearing on the scene in 2006 with his first solo disk Soul on Ice, Berg has since branched out his approach embracing a wider range of influences. Call it growing up..while preparing to release his tentatively titled second project Black Muzik Berg experienced some life altering setbacks. This has given him a new creative outlook as well as perspective on life.The capital city/Steelcity product is now embarking on a new journey leaving behind the trappings of the trap rapper genre to create his own lane. The purpose in everything an artist does is to leave behind a legacy Berger wants to be the artist others sample.  "I make dope Music.... Live to make the greatest positive impact I can ... then I go back to the lab and make more dope music... "
Favorite Quote: "You have to become the change you want to see in the world." Ghandi

OCUMENTARY!!!....Now where do I place my Review?

Review by Timothy "Classik Muzique" Richards

GV9 SOULFUL WAYS: The DJ is a film that truly captivates the unadulterated essence of what it means to be  DJ, the skills needed, the magical creative process, and the passion that goes into being the best .

A must-see for all Hip-Hop lovers and music enthusiasts !
-- Timothy Classik Muzique Richards *PROGRESSIVE* 368 Movement
"Dont strive 4 perfection u will fail, strive for excellence, its more attainable."

Bio I'M A DRUMMER, BEEN PLAYIN 16 YEARS NOW...I LITERALLY BLEED MUSIC NOTES. BORN IN BROOKLYN NY-Imma cool laid back BrUDda who knows what 2 do n when. If MUSIC was a lady I would marry her without a doubt, I'm a musician who is constantly developing his skill and craft, and Willing and ready to work with conscious like minded Artists and musicians.

"Legion Music & Media" Review of GV9

GV9 SOULFUL WAYS had a strange effect on the team of dj's that viewed it with me on my pc monitor.

The more-experienced dj's seemed intrigued by the documentary and were often (unnoticeable to themselves), hand-twitching to the scratching style that was going on in the video. The less-experienced dj's were more silent & intrigued by the different dj techniques.

It was comical watching the reactions of the two caliburs of dj's viewing this documentary. There was a bit of "jabbing" and joking around by the more experienced dj's, as they acknowledged that there is more than 1 way to "scratch a cat."

The newer dj's wanted a copy of the vid and are anticipating its release. It was great!
---"Legion Music & Media"
Legion of Beats - Bio- Legion creates music that stimulates the senses in 360 degree fashion. His sound is full bodied with a finish that resonates long after the listener’s first taste. Beyond the last kick or high hat, Legion production leaves imprints on fans’ memories because it’s ripe with substance. His beats can’t fade because their contemporary nature is pushed beyond the taste of the day. He infuses an inherent commitment to genuine musical sensibilities. This veteran producer has a cultured ear, acute taste and superior command of his skills. What separates him is not gadgets or gimmicks, but instead his ability to see sound. “I see colors when I make music,” admits Legion. “The strings I see green, certain bass sounds I see deep solid browns and piano I see bluish-greenish. When I create music I actually close my eyes and let my instincts do their job. That way I can feel, see and hear the music inside myself.”

http://entertainment.legionmnm.com   http://twitter.com/LEGIONMNM   http://producersmanual.legionmnm.com
need a hit?: http://www.myspace.com/legionofbeats

[And for your Mobile]:
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By Troy “Pappy” Johnson
Soulful Ways: The DJ, is truly a must-see for those who have an appreciation for the "Maestros of Turntable-ism". With the technological advancement of music and sound from vinyl to computers, IPod’s, MPs, 3/4 Players and CD’s leaves one to question whether the art form of The DJ is lost. The infallible answer to this question is, “HELL NO!!”  What this film does is allow you to explore the techniques of a Disc Jockey or in this case “The Turntablist”.
The mindset of these musically talented individuals express originality coupled with being true to the Hip-Hop culture. Understanding the dynamics in reconstructing tracks & beats to manipulate the crowd, while never loosing the tempo of its hypnotized listeners requires a good ear, skill and precision. These fundamentals are only acquired through practice, practice and oh yeah, more practice.

GV9 squashes the myth behind the DJ, “just dropping records”. Maybe, that’s how it was before Hip-Hop.
Thanks to the producer Bob Bryan, this footage helps bring turntable-ism to be recognized as a true art form of American music. I for one can appreciate their abilities. I used to think all that was required of a DJ was to play giant 45’s or now CD’s, mix an old song with some scratches and drum beats. “Boy was I wrong”.
After viewing this flick (GV9 SOULFUL WAYS: The DJ) you will learn that there are key elements that allow the DJ to be a unique artist. Mixing, scratching, cueing, spinning, cross-fading, improvisation and free-styling, just to name a few. These techniques coupled with a lyrical genius (an MC), creates a rhythmic groove that will surely move the crowd.

They do it for the love. It is their profession, it is their business and thanks to this film I have a better understanding as to how complicated it is “to do the damn thing”.
By Troy “Pappy” Johnson

 The Dj Film Review by Dj Proper
  "GV9 Soulful Ways - The Essential Outline of Modern Dj Culture"
Few films in the past have truly captured the essence of the culture accurately, like Bob Bryan's documentary GV9 Soulful Ways. The project embodies the elements that mirror foundations in the culture, it includes instructional clips for the beginner dj to meaningful advice from established artist like Justin Bua (Painter of 'Distorted Urban Realism') to DJ Kutmaster Kurt that could help anyone involved in music at any level.
As an artist myself its hard to find things that I believe are true to my insight, of what being a dj and music producer are.  The quotations that Bob used from the various artists involved are so true to the art form; I find them to be inspiring to my musical influence.

GV9 focuses on the truly talented and not the popular negative themes oftentimes found abundantly in the culture. This is unique, that the film does not glorify pop - themes generally joked on by more hardcore Hip-Hop fans and is creditable in the authenticity of the art.
There are many points in the movie that any successful dj could relate to, from their experience and several useful good technical dj tutorials that any upcoming artist would need to know.

The bands and djs all show the struggles and success possible within the culture, best summed up from a quote in the movie "work hard and something good will come out of it" . Nice to see a filmmaker show the real side of the business and truly some "Soulful Ways".
This movie shows a side of the dj lifestyle that any artist or fan should appreciate as an accurate representation of what should be considered relevant for industry standard knowledge. It's essential information!  I would suggest it for the outline of due-diligence to anyone interested in seeing what being "The DJ " is about today.
Review By Dj Proper
Music Producer, DJ, & founder of Worldwide Familia (This music is for All races worldwide working for peace & equality")

Graffiti Verite' : A Series
---Stephanie Sunata, Writer

Hip-hop is a familiar phrase that can encompass a variety of meanings. For some it is a form of dance, for others it is a style of clothing. For director and producer Bob Bryan it is a culture that is misunderstood by many, including those involved in it. In response, Bryan created the Graffiti Veritè series that dispels mainstream assumptions and reflects the creator’s passion and love, not just for Hip-Hop, but people as well.
My series is meant to engage people intellectually and otherwise,” Bryan said in an interview. “…Hip-hop is much broader than big booties, gang-banging and bling-bling.”
Specifically looking at GV9 SOULFUL WAYS: The DJ, Bryan is able to reveal the technical skills required in a turntablist as well as the impact spinning has on the Hip-Hop movement. He interviews a variety of people from DJs to Emcees to painters and allows them to express their own opinions about the subject.
I kept the narrative strictly from the mouth of those who were actually doing the actions,” Bryan said. “I really wanted to be inside.”
By creating a film fueled by the artists, Bryan is not just telling a story about spinning. He is telling a story about people, who create the sounds that the untrained ear mistakes for background noise. He is telling a story about a culture that is not just limited to DJs or rappers or painters or dancers. It is a movement that includes all of the above.
Bryan started his series after moving from New York, where he grew up with a specific notion about graffiti art. He described trains as moving art galleries and was used to seeing these styles from his upbringing.
When I came to LA, I realized the expression…is completely different from New York,” Bryan said. “After being exposed to LA graffiti, I decided if I didn’t know the true story of LA Graffiti Art, nobody did.”
Bryan completed various production work for a number of major Motion Picture companies and gradually moved up the ranks and gained enough experience to start his own company. His first self-produced indie project was GRAFFITI VERITE': Read the Writing on the Wall.
Since the first film was released in 1995, the series has expanded to 11 films, which cover all facets of the Hip-Hop culture. The latest production, GV11 DON'T BELIEVE DA NOIZE, is the first film in Bryan’s two-part series that looks at the role of the Emcee and Hip-Hop as a whole.
It allows viewers both inside and outside of the culture, to see Hip-Hop in a way other than through the eyes of mainstream media. The film acknowledges the pioneers of the underground movement and the difficulty such artists can encounter with mainstream competition.
GV11 explores a world that Hollywood historically exaggerated or misconstrued. It brings to light deeper aspects about Hip-Hop and points out that this movement is unique in its applicability to so many different forms of self-expression.
Hip-Hop is a dialogue, is an expression, is a communication medium,” Bryan said. “It’s a multi-intelligence model…Various people with various skill sets are able to come to Hip-Hop and express themselves. It’s not like any other art form you’ve ever seen before.”
The series has gained critical acclaim from sources at Harvard University to the Los Angeles Times according to Bryan. He attributes this success to his desire to “turn people’s lights on.”
I just want the dialogue,” Bryan said. “I think very few people talk about things anymore. They’ve been silenced for whatever reason.”
Bryan brings the dialogue. His series is fantastic in the way it exposes both the grime and glamour of Hip-Hop. The movement is not about fame and fortune, though sometimes people assume it to be. The movement is about expression, and Bryan is doing his part in expressing himself.
He said everything reflects its creator, and for the Graffiti Veritè Series, we can see the passion and love Bryan has for his work and his people. The realist in him comes out in the film’s style, but his compassion comes out when you understand why he has created such films.
If you really look at my work, it’s literature,” Bryan said. “Everything I do is about positivity and love.”
The twelfth film (GV11 Part 2) is currently in post-production (due out the summer of 2010), which Bryan said looks at the "darker side" of Hip-Hop. He said he will explore materials like gangs and racial slurs, and how the Hip-Hop movement was able to give ownership to these otherwise hurtful expressions.

The films need not be watched in numerical order, but they should be watched for anyone really interested in Hip-Hop. The GV series gives an invaluable look at the culture through the eyes of those that are living it. It is certain to open your eyes, no matter if you are inside or outside the movement.
For more information on the Graffiti Veritè Series please visit : http://www.graffitiverite.com/
---Stephanie Sunata, writer for Indie Film Depot

I have been doing this street game for over 40 years, so when I got the opportunity to review this project I had some skepticism. I come from the beginning of Rap as it became commercialized and transformed into Hip-Hop, walking the streets in Harlem on a Saturday night with Mister Magic owning the environment and Boom boxes posted everywhere.
GV9 Soulful Ways: The DJ is a documentary worthy of acknowledgement for not only its creative approach, but also for the legitimacy it gives to the turntable as an instrument of the performance.
Mr. Bryan’s attention to the art transforms his on screen shots, into a classroom chalkboard worthy of attention because of the sounds it produces. Sounds which transform our youth from the street to the classroom, a style and process worth paying attention to.

What is this thing called Hip-Hop and where does the DJ’s fit in? The answers to these questions and many more lay in the body of GV9 Soulful Ways: The DJ.
---Darren J. Salter,  Writer, Community activist and Youth advocate

Ali Moody

Film Review: Graffiti Verite 9 Soulful Ways: The DJ

"On average most people know what a DJ is and what he or she does. But do you know the motivation, the tools and dedication of a true turntablist? Now of days any average Joe can go out and buy some new fancy DJ equipment, Serato or some similar DJ software and download gigs and gigs of music, but does that really make them a DJ?  Shouldn’t a real DJ know the basics of their craft, the history and technique that make them a true master of their skill?

Award-winning director Bob Bryan’s new documentary Graffiti Verite 9 Soulful Ways: The DJ, explores the motivation, tools and dedication of today’s DJ or like the title expresses to the viewer, “the soul of a DJ”.

This insightful documentary provides a candid view of what a DJ does and the madness behind the genius. Through various interviews and demonstrations we see DJ’s such as DJ Handprints, DJ Ethos and A.N.T.I (and others), put on a showcase of skills and talent.

The documentary also touches on how a DJ interacts with a MC and the process needed to combine these two arts. Throughout the film we witness the creative process a DJ uses to be original, unique and stand out from other their peers.

Through Bryan’s lens we see demonstrations of basic scratching skills, from the baby scratch, orbit scratch, and crab scratch to beat juggling and transforming. We also hear about the importance of a DJ not only being able to scratch, but also knowing how to mix and gauge the crowd they are playing for.

Bob Bryan’s documentary is a wonderful, entertaining and insightful look at one of the core elements of Hip-Hop culture the art of DJing. It explains or better yet shows the audience the thought process involved in the art of DJing and the many different creative paths a DJ can take to perfect their craft. "

For more information about this film and to order, please check out the link : http://www.graffitiverite.com/
---Ali Moody, UrbanEstablished.com

Soulful Ways- DJ Documentary GV9 Review

"No sticks, no stems, no seeds.  The Soulful Ways documentary is straight forward and to the point.  Not a lot of extraneous graphics to sugarcoat the art of making music.  Rather than being the dramatic narrative like Brown Sugar, this is more of an inspiration for dramatic movies.

Beginner DJ’s can look forward to a new start with just enough instruction to get you through the door.  Two, or more, explanations for each turntable feat allow the viewer to see a couple of perspectives and decide which way they will approach it.  It's not all instructional but it's often motivational.  The testimonials of the
lyricists and how they create songs around the beat is also welcomed. Soulful Ways DJs have fun while they discuss the art for turntable-ism.

I was able to hear the responses when one of the DJs knew that he was on-point during his demonstrations. I would recommend this to hip hop enthusiasts and anyone that has no  clue why DJs do the things that they do."

---Tieuel Legacy! Aka The Devil’s Devil’s Advocate-  Writer and Filmmaker  (Houston, TX)
tieuellegacy@yahoo.com          www.facebook.com/tieuel.legacy


Everyone thought the segments on BUA in all of the GV Films you sent us were great!  We appreciate you sending them to us!

Thank you!
Lisa at BUA.com

"I really like what you did with the Documentary.  I was truly flattered and glad you were able to use my words for the message.  Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing episode. ...cant wait to see the actual DVD !"
---DJ Ethos

"Soulful ways the DJ, is a must see for any aspiring DJ, and an excellent supplement for any turntable vet. The entire piece gives a comprehensive look at the multiple roles a DJ plays in the music industry. This is a well put together film. Some of the segments seemed a little redundant, but I could see that different points of view of the same techniques were trying to be shown.

The way it was shot was gritty, which is very appropriate for the gritty world of the DJ. For a DJ that has been spinning for over 20 years, I learned a few things myself. Overall, an excellent contribution that shows one of the aspects of a rich and diverse culture we know as, HIP-HOP!"

---DJ X-CELL, X-Cell Productionz (DJ X-Cell) is a disc jockey service that is professional and has over 15 years experience.

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