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For Immediate Release                                                                        Contact: Bob Bryan,Curator
(Photos Avaialable Upon Request)                                     BRYAN WORLD PRODUCTIONS
P.O. Box 74033
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Tel. No. (213) 993-6163
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(Deadline for entry submissions July 4, 1998)

The Second Annual INTERNATIONAL GRAFFITI ART COMPETITION '98 will celebrate the best Graffiti Art from around the world. It will be the most comprehensive Graffiti Art Competition ever held. The competition will be judged in Los Angeles, California during the month of July, 1998. The competition was created by multi-award winning Filmmaker Bob Bryan. Mr. Bryan is the winner of The National Educational Media Network's "The Gold Apple Award" and The C.I.N.E. "Golden Eagle Award" for GRAFFITI VERITE'. GRAFFITI VERITE' is an amazing Documentary that explores the eclectic world of Hip Hop and the Urban Graffiti Artist. It is the first up close and personal expose' into the Graffiti Art World as experienced by 24 Artists whose artistic tool of choice is the Spraycan.

Purpose of Competition

The Second Annual INTERNATIONAL GRAFFITI ART COMPETITION '98 was established by Bob Bryan to provide a platform for the creative visions of today's young Independent Artists and to recognize and commemorate their positive contributions to the world of Contemporary Art in all its diversity.

The competition seeks to educate and to celebrate the artistic expression that has come to be known Internationally as Graffiti Art a.k.a Aerosol Art, Spraycan Art, Graf, etc. The  Competitions sole purpose is to create a forum for the serious Examination, Illumination, Appreciation and Recognition of this worldwide Artform and phenomenon.

Entrants / Artists can submit up to 10 different pieces (including video clips). No more that 10 pieces per entry. All Artwork (non-returnable photos) submitted must have been created from January 1990 thru the Deadline July 4th 1998. The photo prints must be no smaller than a regular 3 x 5 inch average size photo-print. There will also be a special catagory for "Old School Graffiti Art", (Graffiti Art which pre-dates 1990).

Graffiti Art sumissions will come from countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Canada and the Carribean.

For more information call the Hotline Number (213) 860-9845.
Visit our website at (download an entry form) or
e-mail us at bryworld@