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Roller Derby / Poetry                                    

Film Festival & Screening

Hello Friends... If you're in Los Angeles, please come to one or both of our Film Screenings: April 25th and/or April 26th

Artemis "Women in Action" Film Festival

SATURDAY, APRIL 25th @ 5pm

Click for Location, Films, Ticket Information

Film: GV13 ROLLER GURL: A Complicated 'Game-Time' Love Affair 

GV13 Web site:

GV13 Trailers:

GV13 Reviews:

GV13 Press Release:

GV13 Roller Gurl Bios:


Winners of ...

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of  Hollywood      

Winner "Best Documentary Feature"


 Williamsburg Independent Film Festival       

Official Selection 


The Wanda Coleman Artwalk & Film Screening 

SUNDAY, APRIL 26th @ 12 noon

City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Cultural Affairs Press Release:†

The Leimert Park Artwalk Tribute to Wanda Coleman:

Film: GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT: GENIUS. (period) directed by filmmaker Bob Bryan


GV21 Reviews:

GV21 Website: †

GV21 Press Release: †


Los Angeles Times Review "Remembering Wanda Coleman:"


Itís going to be an exciting,  stimulating and fun weekend. 

I  hope to see you there.


All the very Best,


Filmmaker Bob Bryan

Award & Festival Honors

Other Works by Bob Bryan

Los Angeles Public Library: Library Board Considering Dedication of Ascot Branch Library in Honor of Poet, Writer Wanda Coleman


"Share your thoughts, we must act now!!!" - Filmmaker Bob Bryan

... The Board encourages the public to submit written comments during a three-month period from March 26 to June 26, 2015 to:

Board of Library Commissioners

Los Angeles Public Library

630 West Fifth St.

Los Angeles CA 90071 


Comments may be emailed to:


United States Congress           

Special Certificate of  

Congressional Recognition Award

 presented to Bryan World  Productions 


City of Los Angeles  

 Certificate of  Recognition

 Presented to Filmmaker Bob Bryan

 for the Professional Excellence & Contribution to            

Los Angeles Poetry Community.





A Celebration of† Women in Film