by Chaz Bojorquez

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My sculpture CONQUISTADORES RULE, 1492, is a sculpture illustrating how a new gang (The Conquistadors: Christobal Colon, Cortez, Cabeza de Vaca, Alvarado, Cordoba, King Ferny and Queen Izzy) have come into another cultures territory and claimed it as their own.

Presenting Christ as their leader, symbolized by the Spanish cross, the Conquistadors destroyed the Mezo-American cultures. They burned and tagged over them. The captains of the European Old World usurped (gang style) the wealth, religious culture, arts and language of the New World.

The year is Ano Loco (Year of the Crazy) 1492, but these actions continue and thrive to the present day.

Chaz Bojorquez

Size and Date: 6911 x 4011 x 711.- 1992

Medium: Painted wood sculpture

Location and background of artwork: The sculpture is part of the artist collection. The sculpture CONQUISTADORES RULE, 1492 has been exibited throughout the western United States on a one year tour in 1993-4. It has been featured in art, and graffiti magazines, and was recently shown at the CHAZ AND MEAR show at the Zero One Gallery in Hollywood as well as in the DADA Art Show '97.  

Copyright, 1997, All Rights Reserved, Chaz Bojorquez

Article and Graphic Images reproduced with permission of the Artist.

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