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I believe that culture is definded by language. In the painting GRAFFITEXT, I tried to paint a 3rd space. A neutral space between legal and illegal. A forum where dialogue from two opposing viewpoints about graffiti can come together to visually create a new understanding.

The concrete looking background letters represent a united front of 'The Establishment' . The chiseled corporate letterface forms an impenetrable wall of anti-graffiti issues. In contrast, the organic, silvery metal letters are names of graffiti writers trying to squeeze their identity in between the cracks of an overwhelming wall of rejection.

Chaz Bojorquez

Size and Date: 5111 x 65".. 1993

Medium: Acrylic paint, zolatone paint, silver leaf and powder, on canvas

Location and background of artwork:

The painting "GRAFFITEXT" is owned by the

Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles

125 Paseo de la Plaza, Suite 300 Los Angeles, Calif, 90012

Phone (213) 624-3660 / Fax (213) 624-9387

The painting "GRAFFITEXT" was one of three purchase prize $3,000. winners of the 1994 FIRST BIENNIAL OF MEXICAN AND CHICANO PAINTING OF CALIFORNIA. It also received a CERTIFICATE OF OUTSTANDING RECOGNITION from the City of Los Angeles. The painting toured throughout Mexico to major galleries and museums in 1994. 

Copyright 1996, 1997, All Rights Reserved, C. Bojorquez

Article and Graphic Images reproduced with permission of the Artist

Graffiti Verite' / International Graffiti Art Competition