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Wholesale Order Information:
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U.S. - NTSC Video Format
Price: $ 13.00 per unit with a minimum order of 5 units.
Total: $ 65.00

European  [PAL] Video Format
Price: $ 18.00 per unit with a minimum order of 5 units.
Total: $ 90.00 US Dollars

All orders must be pre-paid. The shipping charges will be added to your billing,  which will depend on the quantity,  weight and location of the wholesale business. Orders can be shipped via US Mail, DHL, Fedex, or UPS.

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Send your Check or Money Order To:

[Bryan World Productions]
P.O. Box 74033, Los Angeles, CA 90004
 Hotline Number [323] 993-6163

Your  Wholesale Order will processed within 24 Hours of receipt of your Check or  Money Order, payable to B.W.P. To place your COD order, please email or fax your COD order to  (323) 856-0855.

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