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The Official Graffiti Verite' Website translated into Español, Alemán, Français, Italiano, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean



American Library Association, Vol. 93, No. 1

Graffiti Verite’.  Bryan World Prod. 1995. 45 min. $ 29.95 (PP).

Ages 16-adult. Graffiti painters are literally "artists" of the streets. Here the spray can-wielding creators rhapsodize (and sometimes rap) about their chosen means of expression, making a convincing case for removing the quotation marks around the term artist. The colorful neon like murals seen here (far removed from ugly gang territory markings) are, rather, the brash Picassos of hip-hop culture. That public facades provide the usual canvas for these creations begs the question of vandalism, a point barely touched on in this celebration. Judicious use of tilted camera angles, slow motion, zooms, etc., complement the street sensibility. Graffiti art is an acquired taste, but this surprising program paints a clear picture.

- Jeff Dick