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Film maker Bob Bryan objects to the popular notion that graffiti art is a form of urban vandalism that can be compared to tagging. Bryan says, "Tagging is Tagging." He goes on to explain that the public is simply mis-informed about the art form. " We (the public) had no idea that graffiti art extends beyond tagging."

Graffiti Verite' goes underground to the alleys, streets and walls of LA to document the stories of 24 graffiti artists' work, passion and ideas. It goes above ground as well-graffiti art can be found (and bought!) on canvas in galleries around the world.

Bryan, a native of New York, recalls seeing the subway trains roll by painted from top to bottom and end to end with graf art. He thus concluded that the modern version of this art form originated in the Big Apple. It was in his research for this documentary that he discovered it actually began in the Hispanic 'hoods' of LA. The pachucos used the walls of their neighborhoods as a type of newspaper to communicate to each other. From it came the saying, "read the writing on the wall."

Bryan sees graffiti as a populist art form for everybody for everybody. He compares advertisers using buses as a canvas, "people with money (advertisers) are able to pay for it, "to graf artists who do exactly the same thing and are often vilified. Think about it. Graffiti Verite' available at Tower or Rocket Video.