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Lauren Rae gets the scoop

Driven by fate, producer/director Bob Bryan rode his car one day down the sun beaten roads of Los Angeles and stumbled upon what was to change his life forever. Stopping his car, he noticed a band of young men, immersed in fumes painting intricate artwork with clumps of spray cans scattered about. One of the artists, Toonz, stopped to talk to Bryan and explained that the artwork was a theatrical backdrop for an opera put on by Peter Sellars. Toonz invited Bryan to come inside the gallery to see the rest of the artwork. Astonished and dazzled by the artwork enclosed inside the cubby room, Bryan began to question, "Can graffiti really be a legitimate form of art?"

Venturing out into the realm of LA's graffiti scene, Bryan endured six months of gaining writers trust and documenting the underground subculture. Quite different from his work in the past with "The Goofy Movie" and "Murphy Brown." Bryan produced a 45 minute documentary that won the Golden Eagle Award, the Golden Apple and the Silver Cindy Award. Revered by thousands of film makers, critics and reviewers, Graffiti Verite gave many a second thought to what is usually denounced as juvenile vandalism. "Graffiti Verite's film maker Bob Bryan finds social and political value in LA vandalism...." LA Weekly wrote",....the work shown in the video is very impressive, even more so when you consider that the primary tool here is a can of spray paint" Video librarian Review stated.

With the response generated, you'd think that Bryan's work with Graffiti is concluded. Think again!

Ready for a second helping, Bryan is already well into his second project involving graffiti art. In an effort to illuminate and recognize the graffiti art phenomenon, Bryan is holding the "most historic and talked about graffiti event in 1997." Specifically, the event is a worldwide competition entailing graffiti artwork from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Middle East, Russia, and the US.

Not limiting itself to Graffiti, the competition will be encompassing artwork done in mediums of canvas, collage, computer (cyberspace), mixed media installation, pen and ink, sculpture, tattoos and walls (murals/pieces). The judging of the entries will be done by the 1997 selection committee and the winners will receive an inscribed trophy (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention) along with screen credit in the new documentary "The Art of International Graffiti." This new film will be seen by an international television audience as well as in schools, newspapers, the Internet and cable TV shows. There is a separate "old school" category for work predated January 1990. All artists interested in submitting work must request an entry form at: Bryan World Productions, PO Box 74033, Los Angeles CA 90004.

Bryan has opened the minds of many that have deemed graffiti as just a senseless crime. With the immense, positive feedback Graffiti Verite' caught and a worldwide competition in progress. Bryan is bound to give graffiti the positive light it needs.