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" To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone. "
Suzanne Gordon, Lonely in America, 1976


Graffiti Verite' Press ReleaseGraffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall
Director / Producer / Director of Photography, Bob Bryan has produced for BRYAN WORLD PRODUCTIONS an amazing new Multi-Award Winning Documentary that explores the eclectic world of Hip Hop and the urban Graffiti Artist.

GRAFFITI VERITE' is a 45 minute groundbreaking Documentary that includes interviews and behind the scenes views of 24 of Los Angeles' most prolific and talented Graffiti Artists. GRAFFITI VERITE's conversations vary from comparative discussions on Graffiti's ancestral connection to Ritualistic Hieroglyphics and cave writings to discussions of Graffiti Art as a form of "street-level" propaganda and Public Art Gallery for the anonymous public. (continued)

GV2:Freedom of Expression Press ReleaseGV2: Freedom of ExpreSSion?
Independent documentary film maker Bob Bryan has proven once again with his new documentary GV2  that there's much more to the Graffiti Art Movement than at first glance. Flying high above Los Angeles in a "ghetto bird," GV2 starts out by looking down on our streets, seeking out those artists who ply their incendiary craft on the walls of our cities while we sleep.

"Skill" and his graffiti art crew U.T.I. (Under The Influence) attack the walls of the infamous Belmont tunnels (home of the birth of Graffiti Art in LA) with the blockbuster letters "S-K-I-L-L-E-R  UTI." Preexisting wall pieces are buffed out of existence to create space for their new and historic production. Spanning hundreds of feet long and at least 12 feet high, this letter production is strategically designed ...(continued)

GV3: A Voyage Into The Iconography of Graffiti Art Press ReleaseGV3: A Voyage Into The Iconography of Graffiti Art
Award winning independent filmmaker Bob Bryan has announced the completion of  GV3: A Voyage into the Iconography of Graffiti Art (Graffiti Verite' 3). GV3 is the latest installment of his SEVEN (7) part documentary series exploring the controversial underground Graffiti Art Movement and Poetry.

In GV3, Bryan  steps away from the traditional storytelling format this time around and reinvents himself  by using contemporary musical  idioms from different countries to proclaim the narrative. Sometimes communicating to us in Italian, Malaysian, Latin, Pygmy, African or English; the Ethnic, World, Hip Hop, Techno, Metal, Fusion, Ballads and House music all conspire to disorient our sensibilities and preconceptions about this underground art form. (continued)

GV4: Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls and Canvas Press ReleaseGV4: The Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls and Canvas
Following up on the success of the Multi-Award Winning Graffiti Verite’  Documentary Video Series, Filmmaker Bob Bryan has completed GV4, the ultimate Primer / Tutorial and Step-by- Step Program on Spray Can Art. Most popular amongst Educators, the series has given outsiders a rare glimpse into the outstanding Art and eclectic personalities behind the controversial Graffiti Art Movement. In GV4, Cleveland, Ohio Artist SANO  (two-time winner of The International Graffiti Art Competition) pulls you into the Underground Art form by showing the concepts, aesthetics, techniques, and style needed to complete a perfect semi " Wild Style " masterpiece (on a Legal Wall) as well as Aerosol Art on Canvas. GV4 is a "must-have-Video" for Art Instructors, Art Students, Galleries, Museums, Libraries and Educational Institutions who've been bewildered at Spray Can Technique. As a "unique lesson plan," no other program exists in the marketplace of ideas, that can compare to the inspiration, skill and intelligence of GV4. (continued)

GV5: The Sacred Elelments of Hip-Hop Press ReleaseGV5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop 
Los Angeles, CA -- August, 2003 -- Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker Bob Bryan has just revealed that he has completed the The First Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide. (see below). The Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide will  be simultaneously released  along with the companion documentary Graffiti Verite' 5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop (GV5).  GV5  reflect all the elements of the contemporary urban Hip-hop movement, as well as,  its relevant history and special uniqueness as a multi-faceted communications medium.

These elements include Turntablism ( DJing ), Break dancing, MC’ing  (Rapping) and Graffiti Art. In addition, the Curriculum Workshop Guide includes hands-on exercises, which can be performed in a classroom or after school workshop setting i.e.: Teaching the art of writing poetry vs. the Oral and written traditions of Rap, MCing, the fundamentals of DJing, the basic techniques of Graffiti Art and the skills of the Breakdancer. (continued)

GV6 The Odyssey
BWP Press, Los Angeles, CA.......The Complex & Compelling Face of Poetry . How are Poets able to conjure provocative mental images, stimulate secret passions, stir-up complex and unresolved personal issues in their audiences? What motivates these Poets to Confess, Create and bend “Reality” ?

Perhaps this devotion to the process of  transcribing the Encrypted Truth dictated by the "little  voice whispering inside their heads" are simply metaphorical “Post-Cards from the edge  of dissonant consciousness" ?

Moreover…these Poetic Artifacts are likely the Magical by-products of countless hours of disciplined rewriting and soul-searching. This complicated and laborious process evolves to a point where each and every passionate written word is contemplated, weighed, evaluated and juxtaposed.  Every single published "word-bubble thought" promises to be a near-perfect embodiment of that sublime “aha” birth-marked moment of sublime revelation.  (continued)

GV7 Random Urban Static
BWP PRESS, Los Angeles, CA.....Filmmaker Bob Bryan has proudly unveiled his seventh powerful installment in his multi award-winning Graffiti Verite' Documentary Series entitled GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC: The Iridescent Equations of  SPOKEN WORD.  He is releasing two (2) versions:

An Unofficially Rated " G " Version for General Audiences, Schools and Libraries and the Original Unedited Version for those who do not mind some “raw street vernacular.”  Both versions will have a Running time of two (2) hours.

Released under his BRYAN WORLD PRODUCTIONS, LLC. indie label, GV7 returns to the enigmatic world of Poetry. This time around he retrieves the perspectives of fifteen (15) uniquely talented poets involved in the world of  SPOKEN WORD. From Grand-Slam Champions to Open-Mic Veterans, GV7 crosses all philosophical, racial, and social lines becoming the quintinessial SPOKEN WORD documentary. (continued)

World Cup Soccer Press Release - Page One Bryan World Productions, LLC. Scores Big in 1994
World Cup Soccer Games with Assist by Soccer Great Pele'
Page Two

Discovery Health Interstitial Press Release Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Bob Bryan
Announces Completion of Twenty (20) Spots for the Discovery Health Channel 

IGAC Press Release
The 1997 International Graffiti Art Competition, Deadline for
Early Submissions July 4, 1997 

CNNfn Press Release
CNNfn (Financial News Network) Documentarian Bob Bryan
Appearance - August 29, 1997 

Multi-Award Winning Documentaries on Urban Hieroglyphics and Hip-Hop now Screening Online

GRAFFITI VERITE' DOCUMENTARIES 1-5 are  NOW AVAILABLE  for  Online RentalThe GRAFFITI VERITE' DOCUMENTARIES SeriesVolumes 1 - 7  are  NOW AVAILABLE  for immediate  NETFLIX ONLINE RENTAL  (Worldwide rental distribution - DVD's delivered directly to your home)

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