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"This well-produced examination of an underground art form, explained by the artists who created it will add a new dimension to art classes and to library video collections. We recommend its use in High Schools and College Art Classes."  - School Library Journal  

“This widely acclaimed, one-of-a-kind series is highly regarded by art students, and librarians throughout the United States and is viewed as the preeminent series on the subject and is considered "Appropriate and useful classroom material..."  - The Committee for the Los Angeles County Office of Education 

"A must-see Video to understand what is happening to the inner world of today's Urban Children." --- Wisconsin Bookwatch 


"The colorful, neon-like murals seen here (far removed from ugly gang territory markings) are, rather, the brash Picasso's of  Hip-Hop culture." - Booklist Review 


"We endorse Graffiti Verite' to represent the United States of America in all International Film Festivals.   An American film about a Great American Art Form!" - Council of Non-Theatrical Events (CINE) 


"A mind-expanding experience in people's - as opposed to commercial culture." - MSRRT Newsletter


"...The minority Artists are so well represented and come across with such integrity, intelligence and cultural and artistic knowledge.  This will do a great deal to help dispel the usually wrong impression that Graffiti Artists are anti-intellectual and unaware of anything other than their own wish to express themselves..."  - Andrew Connors, National Museum, Smithsonian Institution   National Museum, Smithsonian Institution 


"The range of Los Angeles' Artists and styles included in the video is mind-boggling... Bryan captures the tense energy of the Writers by not allowing the viewer space to reflect on or time to absorb all the information he packs into this video!" -  Public Art Review 

(PART 1)


GRAFFITI VERITE’: Read the Writing on the Wall 

The behind-the-scenes expose' regarding the Multi Award-Winning Documentary featuring LA Graffiti Art Movement.


Graffiti Verite’s Bob Bryan continue to prove that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."


GRAFFITI VERITE’, the incisive documentary on the lives of Los Angeles Graffiti Artists, blew up like no other graff video to date, leaving behind an unprecedented trail of award recognition (*Editors Note: 85 award & festival honors for the GV Docu-Series), media exposure and education about the Art Form. Bob Bryan, director, producer, editor and director of photography on the film, accomplished what no other videographer had yet been able to do: create a graffiti documentary with mainstream crossover appeal.


"I managed to promote the documentary in a way that didn't just reach some of the old heads that were already in the life, but more importantly turn on people that didn't know anything about Graffiti Art or that had a prejudice against graffiti," Bryan points out.


The filmmaker particularly targeted gallery people, educators, librarians and institutions that could be an asset for Hip-Hop and Graffiti Art in a financial sense. (continued in PDF - 3 parts)


PR Link:   A Fascinating & Compelling Look Behind the Veil - Part 1

PR Link:   The Genesis of Graffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall  - Part 2

PR Link:    Today - Part 3

(PART 2)


By any objective account filmmaker Bob Bryan has been a singularly powerful force in putting the Los Angeles Graffiti Art Movement on the national and international map. GRAFFITI VERITE’ is the classic 600 pound guerilla in the room demanding respect and acknowledgement from the coveted Art Circles of Power.


Remember, that in 1995 Graffiti Artists were being hunted down by brutal self -annointed vigilantes and the mass media had branded these artists as vandals, gangstas and tag-bangers.


“I always felt that the Graffiti Art revolution was like an Art Movement without a good publicist,” says Bryan.


He was right and from where he stood he wanted to champion the Art and dispel the negative propaganda which prevented people from actually “seeing” the truth and beauty about Graffiti Art. That was the historical backdrop that existed in the mainstream just before  GRAFFITI VERITE’: Read the Writing on the Wall was released as “The Truth about Graffiti.”  (continued on pdf) 



graffiti verite: read the writing on the wall official trailer

Graffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall   Official Trailer

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GRAFFITI VERITE' (GV) ART AND REVIEW BOOK:  (Sample Pages -192 Page Art Book)  created by Bob Bryan is based upon his Multi Award-Winning Documentary Graffiti Verite': Read The Writing on The Wall.

The GV ART AND REVIEW BOOK creatively captures the artistic genius rendered upon the abandoned building walls and desolate alleyways of Los Angeles,CA by LA's finest Graffiti Artists.


The year was 1995 and Urban Hieroglyphics was in full-effect. LA style masters blew up the boring monochromatic and beige walls of the city with artistic pride and bold innovative personal styles. Daring and talented young Writers represented Los Angeles, West Coast with a dazzling array of Graffiti Art masterpieces... pieces for short.


Complex wild-style design patterns, roll-calls and strung out graphic characters all complimented the innovative, fresh and unique individual letter styles. Artists from numerous crews "got up" like at no other time in LA's history. The venues were secondary, whether presented on canvas at Underground Art Galleries, multi-mix installations, legal murals or the many back alleys and graffiti yards... the work was hardly academic.  "In Los Angeles we have some of the best Artists in the world... if not the best!" ---Nerv, Artist.


This historical Art Book is based upon the multi award-winning documentaryGraffiti Verite'Read the Writing on the Wall.  The GV ART AND REVIEW BOOK includes the Art, Media Reviews, Artists Interviews, Outtakes and the complete Graffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall shooting script.  A must-have for anyone interested in contemporary Art. - Highly educational! Perfect for Schools and Libraries.


"Ready or Not, Graffiti Art is the next Great Art Movement after Pop Art."   

-- Bob Bryan, Filmmaker


Contact:  Loida Mariano, Account Executive


PO Box 74033   Los Angeles, CA 90004

Telephone (323) 856-9256 

Website: www.graffitiverite.com   Email: bryworld@aol.com

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The Dead Sea Scrolls of Graffiti Art

Review by P.JAY


GV ART AND REVIEW BOOK  by Bob Bryan is an amazing documentation of Los Angeles' Graffiti Art. Filled with great full color photos of classic pieces and the history behind it


Just as compelling as his multi award-winning documentary, GRAFFITI VERITE': Read the Writing on the Wall, this important historical Art book does go a bit deeper with out-takes from the artist themselves, Art Stills, Artist Interviews,  Documentary Reviews, Articles on Graf Art, Commentary and the actual shooting script of the multi award-winning GRAFFITI VERITE' Documentary.


As I turned the pages, it felt like I was looking at the "Dead Sea Scrolls of Graffiti Art." The rich history of Los Angeles and its Graffiti Art is covered here from early gang graffiti to the emergence of New York styles and from there, a style all its own. The varied backgrounds of the wide range of Artists, gives you a real look into their perspectives and ideas on Art.


As a product of the 60's and 70's, as a teen growing up doing Graffiti Art I felt like the Art spoke directly to me. I remember looking at books and photos of New York graffiti and trying to mimic that. Thinking, "how cool would it be, to be in a book one day that other kids will learn from..."


This GV ART AND REVIEW BOOK is that dream of mine come true, and in full color. Another ART Lovers must-have!  ---"P.JAY," W.C.A. (West Coast Artists) est. 1985 P.JAY is a well known Painter as well as a Master Tattoo Artist.  Located in Los Angeles, CA.


Webpage: Graffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall

Webpage: GV Art & Review Book

(PART 3)


Dupont – Columbia Award (equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize for Broadcast Journalists) recipient filmmaker Bob Bryan has an impressive track record of having Directed and  Executive Produced over fifteen (15) multi award-winning indie films, as well as, two (2) award-winning  shorts (RAPE & STRAIGHT STREET.)   He has also published and edited IMPRESSIONS MAGAZINE OF THE ARTS  (featuring classic interviews with Bob Marley, Melvin Van Peebles, James Baldwin  and other cultural icons back in the day).

Adding to his resume Bob was the creator and curator of  the First & Second INTERNATIONAL GRAFFITI ART COMPETITION. Recently he wrote and published the GV ART & REVIEW BOOK based upon his first art documentary GRAFFITI VERITE’:  Read the Writing on the Wall.

(continued on pdf) http://www.graffitiverite.com/Today_Part3.pdf 

Genesis of                    

Multi Award-Winning Documentary

Filmmaker Bob Bryan