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GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment   Official Trailer
GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment
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GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment
Review by Salinda "Cyn" Carter
As I sat there glued to Bob Bryans' GV10 Hip-Hop Dance documentary, it took me back to the early 80's when my friends and I would throw down the cardboard and demonstrate breakdance moves like Backsprings, Windmills, Flares, and Applejacks.
Moving in the Moment is a very informative and invaluable resource for the Hip-Hop audience, young and old alike. This film took my knowledge of B-Boyin' / Hip-Hop to a whole other level.

Because of GV10 I got an excellent background and history lesson on the culture and evolution of the different variations of B-Boyin' / Breakdancing dance moves such as: Popping, Locking, Power Moves, Waving, Krumping, and Wacking to name a few dance movements.
After watching GV10 I walked away with a better overall understanding and better appreciation for the artform and the complex yet real inspiration behind this important Element of Hip-Hop.
Definitely a MUST-SEE! Thanks so much for sharing.
-Salinda "Cyn" Carter,Photographer/Editor
Favorite Quotations "Never leave the one you love for the one you like, cause the one you like will always leave you for the one they love"

Review of GV10 Moving in the Moment
Reviewed by Allana Muhammad

GV10 allows for a great explanation on the true essence of "B-Boyin' " and the Hip-Hop culture.

HIP-HOP DANCE  shows a clear representation of all that has been effected by the Hip-Hop culture. Great representation of the art and shows the world that Hip-Hop IS an art form that will NEVER die and that keeps on multiplying.

This documentary presents that diversity and commonalities of the culture and why the art form is a force to be reckoned with... as well as, a great history lesson in B-Boyin' / Hip-Hop.

I would recommend this film for anyone who is interested in finding out more about Hip-Hop culture, as well as, to any modern day artist or dancer...
---Allana Muhammad "When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to fill them with Wisdom"- The Kybalion

GV10 Review

Whether Hip-Hop started in NY or LA, it is clear that it has effected the world.

Bob Bryan's Hip-Hop Dance documentary inspires you to "bust a move", even if you don't know how to dance. Watching the documentary you can actually feel the rhythm run through you.

"Phew! What a workout!"

--- Frances Lozada - Actress/Writer/Dancer
"A Failure is not one that does not succeed, but one that never tried."

GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment
Reviewed by Troy “Pappy” Johnson, writer

Well, Producer Bob Bryan has done it again!

GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the moment, is an intriguing documentary that had me on the edge of my chair, reminiscing about dance moves I did back- in-the-day and how they’ve evolved into the Hip-Hop genre that we know and love today.

Dances like Break-in, Pop Locking, Krumping, Jerking, Waving, Hitting, Walkout and Wacking mixed with power moves and impeccable footwork has revolutionized the slick world of being cool and expressing yo-self on the dance floor “Bustin’ moves as they say back east NYC/Jersey”. 

As we look back into the hour glass, kats like Kool Herc & the NIGGA TWINS, “that’s right, the Nigga Twins;” pioneered B-boying which is the foundation of the Hip-Hop dance genre.  The ‘B’ stood for Bronx, thus Bronx Boys.  B-boying / B-girling, take the best dances from all types of cultures, manifesting into one expressive dance movement.

While honoring a few traditional steps, a Hip-Hop dancer looks deep into his / her arsenal of moves, creating their signature style.  Displaying a degree of Kung-Fu and Gymnastics will always take your game to another level.

He / she prepares by practicing habitually for an eagerly anticipated battle in the critically acclaimed, "Perfect Circle."  Here on this battlefield is where you get an opportunity to showcase your skills. This is where the crowd realizes that it is the MC & the DJ (please refer to GV9 SOULFUL WAYS & GV11 DON'T BELIEVE DA NOIZE! ), who sets the stage for this once-in-a-lifetime-experience that has impacted the world and its future.

Due to the dancers originality you may or may not see these moves again. The level of competition and complexity is elevated by each improvisational
combo, integrating gestures and liquid-like moves. The dance allows them to emphasize movement and suggestion to communicate with their bodies.  By getting in the middle of the circle meant that you were ready for the challenges, thus the battle begins.

The dancer’s battle mentality and competitive instinct, place them in a zone of a subconscious level which is controlled by a spirit that allows sequential timing and flawless movement.  Their confidence reaches its plateau, which gives them the energy to “freak the beat”.

What this footage reveals to us is that dancing-in-a-circle (a Cypher) has actually been in existence for centuries.  The African, Indian, Hispanic and Jewish cultures have exercised this ritual form of dance.

Today, this free art-form of dance is constantly evolving.  Mainstream has capitalized on this fact by televising and showcasing these talented artists through weekly competition.

What GV10 does is: allows us to reflect on how the media created Break-Dancing, from the influences of Hip-Hop and it is through this creation that talented artists have been allowed to capitalize off their unique skills.

So you can ask yourself; how has the Hip-Hop community contributed to the world of dance? “It freaked it out, that’s how”.

The Hip-Hop style of dance has undisputedly redefined modern dance and rejuvenated Pop-culture. “That’s right ya’ll, get your cardboard and powder and prepare for battle."
---Review by Troy “Pappy” Johnson, writer

Loved it. Inspiring. Informative. How dance, Art, and Music can be transformative, build confidence, and save souls!

HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment a film by Bob Bryan
Review by Sandra A. Daley
Soulsmithing One On One

Informative! Inspiring! Inclusive!

GV11 provides a great opportunity to delve into the history and inspiration of Hip-Hop.

Did you know street dances include: Locking, B-Boying, Wacking, Clownin‘ or Dissin’, Soldier Boy Dance, Harlem Shake, Jerking, Popping, Krumping, Top Rock or Up Rock, Rockin’, and the list is steadily growing?  In Moving in the Moment I was constantly learning and being inspired by new and old artists alike.

Everyone needs to express himself or herself, through art, through work. Dancing is doing what makes me feel good. Dance is therapy! The reason why I continue to dance is my happiness,” says 'Cynch' one of the principal Dancers at the Westbound Dance Company.

Ballet, Tap, Salsa, African, Native American, Capoeira… B-Boying takes the best from each dance form and the BBoy culture made up a totally new style,” offers BBoy Tailz.


BBoy Jacob "Kujo" Lyons illuminates that “you can feel it. Getting into a circle comes from tribal culture, with music… being carried by a God - a spirit, not being conscious, allowing it to flow through you, expressing something greater than yourself, using your body as a medium.”

In a completely professional and sensitive manner Director Mr. Bryan shows these magnifient artists talking about dance as a road to confidence, self-expression, and healing. See OG Skeeter Rabbit (who performed with the Lockers) demonstrate the original Funky Chicken -  which is the move that got Locking started. Observe the Break Down and off-of-that, the Hitch Hike

You name it, this film is thorough!! The Robot, The Quickie… Personally I didn’t realize that there were so many moves. I’m still stuck on the Cabbage Patch!

Check out Kian from the Westbound Dance Company do the Liquid and the Moonwalk.

Hip-Hop has literally redefined modern dance. No doubt! Yet paradoxically, the Hip-Hop Dance Culture can still be a very male-dominated culture. However  when the females step onstage, they claim the space strong!

Sarah "Smalls" McCann, Co-founder of Westbound Dance Company knows from experience that “teaching requires allot of  patience, ability to breaking it down, and at the same time letting your passion shine through" all of this Sarah reasons, in order to successfully inspire your students!

 “Attack people with your moves, intimidate people, the B-Boy battle mentality is more competitive than any other dance move. Like sign language… more antics and charismatic flavor,” analyzes BBoy Pan  (master BBoy dancer and now professional Judge at BBoy competitions).

Finally... BBoy Pan concludes that there are ethics for BBoy Street Dance competitions. “No talking about somebodies mamma! Cuz it could quickly get out of hand...”
---Sandra A. Daley
Actress, Playwright, Director, and Lifestyle and Career Coach http://www.sandradaley.com/.
Why am I the coach for you?
Because I know and understand where you are. Questioning fate and your life’s purpose. Watching time fly by and feeling as if you have nothing to show for it. Feeling that you are smarter, more creative than this. Looking for an opportunity to demonstrate your talents and gifts. “Is this all there is?”, you ask....

Wife and mother of 2 girls and a super-duper husband.
Life is good. Founder of Liberation Theatre Company http://www.liberationtheatrecompany.org  CONTACT US: info@liberationtheatrecompany.org

Graffiti Verite Series, "GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE:  Moving in the Moment"
Review by Kara Ford

Bob Bryan's 10th release in the Graffiti Verite series, "GV10 Hip-Hop Dance:  Moving in the Moment," caught me off guard.  As I downloaded the video, I knew before I pushed play that it was about Hip-Hop dance and B-boys.

I'd grown up with it in the Bronx so this wasn't new to me.  I watched my friends spin on their backs, contort their bodies, and exhibit fancy footwork in a pattern around each other on cardboard boxes laid flat on the sidewalk.  I watched SoulTrain while the Locker Dancers, in their colorful costumes, made cartoon faces and moved like robots or in slow motion or as though I were watching them through the pulse of a strobe light.   I knew what it was and was prepared to be unimpressed.

I was wrong.  Through the use of dynamic images, clips from showcases, and stories told by some of the most exciting dancers and choreographers, old and new. Mr. Bryan takes you on a journey through 30 years of history which culminate in, not just the explanation of the genre of dance, but the creation of art.  And, as with all art, it was born of a new generation's need to express itself in ways that hadn't before been seen.

Equally interesting are the portrayals of the dancers and their reasons for choosing this form of expression.  They come from all walks of life with varied ethnic histories.  They are intelligent and disciplined, and understand that in order to be good at this or anything, takes time and dedication.  For them, being good enough is simply not good enough!

The camera follows the innovative dancers through styles and rhythms borrowed from Capoeira, Gymnastics, African and Eastern European dances, Martial arts and even the Circus, which combine to create movement that is raw and beautiful.

If you've ever been curious about Break-dancing, Locking, Krumping, Popping, Jerking, or even Moon-walking (yes, Michael was not the first!), sit down with this film and follow along as Moving in the Moment reveals to you the power of the movement and the music that is Hip-Hop dance!
Review by Kara Ford

here goes! and on time! hope you like it.  i enjoyed the exercise and i got to see a dope flick!!

GV10 Moving In The Moment
Review by Culture a.k.a. B-Boy Cult

In my many years of Hip-Hop devotion, to its core and principles, I have found that a whole lot of people who adhere to the culture don't have a real firm understanding of it. and i also find that as a true practitioner, it is incumbent upon those who do adhere to its principles and have historical references, to share and to educate. thats what i feel this particular film sets out to do.

The breakdowns and demonstrations of the dances were well done and executed. the description of the styles and the listing of the dances i found to be necessary, as the general criticism from "traditional" dance devotees is that breaking has no vocabulary. this film gives a firm refutation of those claims. of the dance descriptions, i found James "Skeeter Rabbit" Hiiggins and Boogie Frantick to be the most informative. i felt that Skeeter Rabbit was an excellent choice, being as though he was actually from the time locking was brought in existence. in my mind, this made him extremely qualified to speak on the dance with authority. i also enjoyed commentary from BBoy Fresh as well.

A few exceptions: Mike Perry's statement that it was originally called b-boying is inaccurate. everyone at Kool Herc's parties were b-boys and b-girls, whether they danced or not. so says Kool Herc. "breakin" was an old slang term for "goin off' on some body, to "break" on them. and that is Kool Herc's definition of it. (The Freshest Kids, documentary). Also Phenom's assertion that because locking started before Hip-Hop did that it started in the West is extremely inaccurate to say. even if we were to use that logic, then Hip-Hop would have it's origin in Philadelphia, as that is the birthplace of Hip-Hop's first form, which is graffiti. locking did not evolve as a Hip-Hop dance, as it was performed to funk and disco, absent from Kool Herc's reinterpretation of funk and disco breaks only. what makes locking exceptional, i think, is that it was taken completely in its original form, along with popping, and adapted to Hip-Hop dancing intact. elements of Capoeira and Gymnastics have been restructured and renamed. these are both errors of the editor, however. i could not find exception if these clips were not included. i'm certain they will find exception elsewhere.

...Boogie Frantick's excellent descriptions and demonstrations of the different dances in the popping family tree; his in-depth analysis of the different forms gave a b-boy like myself a new perspective on the varied forms. on some, a new education.

GV10  comes off like a promotion piece for the Westbound Dance Company, which i find no exception with, as it shows how well versed the troupe is with the varied forms of the dance. as a person who has just seen Groovaloo, i think it is important to let the art form grow into more adult venues. lest we forget, jazz music was reviled, as a hardcore music, that was associated with "the wrong crowd". the giants of the form were mostly drug addicts who wore very sharp clothes. this was in reflection of the crowd that they played for, the players of the day, the pushers, pimps and con men of the 20's thru the 60's before James Brown reformatted the syncopation that gave us the avenue nearly 15 years later to find our own music in.

i say that to say, as this culture continues to evolve with us as we grow in our years, it is incumbent upon us to take it into a new understanding. as is the case with jazz, which is now regarded as a sophisticate's music, a hallmark of taste, quality and substance. this film goes in that direction, to bring about the scholarly necessity for further study (and funding), as well as to preserve the raw, unharnessed energy that gave birth to it.

i think the fact that a lot of these scenes were shot with people free-styling in a professional dance studio gives proper demonstration to both trains of thought. it is, in my opinion, important to keep it as forward and innovative as Dizzy G, while maintaining marketplace presence and show attendance like Kenny G.

All in all, a very good film, an easy attention grabber, and one that any fan or adherent of the true core of the culture will appreciate.

It is definitely worth adding to anyones collection. NO, everyone's collection. the richness and excellent representation of West Coast history makes this reviewer wish that instead of complaining about what they're not included in or recognized as, that folks from the West Coast just get back to being as fly as they used to be.
---Culture a.k.a. B-Boy Cult

Review of Filmmaker Bob Bryans' GV10 MOVING IN THE MOMENT
By Vandell McCary, Jr.

I watched this documentary and it was very entertaining. GV10 would entertain anybody that is a fan of Breaking, Locking or Popping!

HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment  gives you a brief history of some of the groups, names, origins and How-to-Do specific Hip-Hop Dance moves. This  GV10  documentary shows Breakers, Poppers, and Lockers at their best!!!... from the circle (cypher), to showing off some of their "killer moves" that most of us (average ppl) would probably pull-something tryin' to do... lol.

If you're a person trying to learn a little Hip-Hop Dance History and learn the names of other BBoy dancers, this documentary is a must see!! GV10 Moving in the Moment even includes Affion Crockett from "Wild N' Out."

My favorite part is when some BBoys talk about "The concept of Battling" and then go into Clowning and Dissing each other.  I know that if I could do what they do, I'd be Clowning everybody!!!

A great documentary for all Lovers of Dance....
---Vandell McCary, Jr., writer

What is Hip-Hop dancing?
by Author K. Ceakou, Sexy Dangers... The Killing Style

Many of us are just window shoppers to this often misunderstood subculture, but GV10 Hip-Hop Dance: Moving in the Moment, opens the front door and pulls us into this dynamic world of street dancing.

GV10 provides historical texture to this “In Your Face” revolution that has taken over thirty years to evolve.

Using one-on-one interviews with some of the top dancers as well as with James Higgins, (OG Skeeter Rabbit, "Original GoGo Brother & Locking Pioneer who performed with the Lockers"), this film helps bridge the misconception of  "BBoying, Breaking and Dime Stopping" - to name a few, and rightfully places it alongside other top dance forms.

In a rare moment, GV10 sets the record straight. Don Campbell  was the original creator of LOCKING (Don Campbell & Toni Basil formed the Original Lockers), as opposed to the Hollywood fabrication of - “Break-Dancing”.

The film takes a non-apologetic look at a generation’s means of self-determination.

Even some three decades after Don Campbell formed the foundation of what Hip-Hop dance is today, this organic art form still draws in the young and rebellious.

It continues to provides an outlet that converts misdirection into “Power Moves,” “Waving” and “Wacking”.

The film has powerful sequences showcasing the athleticism and gravity defying performances of such groups as, Westbound Dance Company, Mind-180 Crew, Machine, Soul Control Crew, and BBoy Pan.

Moving in the Moment, helps move us to the purpose of passion where there are just perfect mistakes, being free and using the body to tell a story of conviction, deliverance... “Going with the flow and enjoying the ride!”

GV10 Hip-Hop Dance: Moving in the Moment captures the magic of a dance revolution that continues an evolution.

---K. Ceakou, Author of Sexy Dangers...The Killing Style
Sexy Dangers is a book of short stories that take you on an action ride through seduction and revenge, with gritty pit stops
through the unpredictable.

Thirteen stories, thirteen ways of kickin’ ass and making no excuses. Sexy Dangers peels back the layers of love,
deception and that raw lust for justice.

I watched all of GV10 and I enjoyed it.  Here's my review for it.

"GV10 is the first film to ever document all street dance styles together as one unified culture.

Filmmaker Bob Bryan has painted an accurate and entertaining picture of the urban dance scene today.  Bryan weaves together a visual tapestry of showcases and interviews with pioneers like Fresh ( LA Breakers ) and Kujo and new school legends like Machine, Tailz and BGirl Loan.  Everyone featured brings a unique perspective, and all of their voices deserve to be heard.

GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment is a definitive snapshot of both where our culture is, and where it's heading.

Bryan has successfully captured the essence of our culture, and the love for it that all street dancers share.

...I'd like to carry it and it would do well in our store."

Much Respect,
---Barry Rabkin / BBoy GRIZ, CypherStyles.com, Owner & Founder

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Re: GV10 Dance Documentary..

"This is the perfect documentary to watch if you truly want to understand the fundamentals of Hip-Hop Dance and the personalities involved. This film represents the personification of my career within the Bboy Culture and I am proud and honored to have been apart of it. It captures the spirit of the street and presents how the essence of the music and dance transforms the people."
---Curtis "Bboy Peter Pan" Hedges

"Yes sir! I liked it very much, and I really appreciated the amount of play I got. I really liked seeing Fresh and so many more of my friends involved, as well. Thanks again for that. Best of luck with everything! "
---Jacob "Kujo" Lyons
Owner, Artistic Director & Choreographer
Lux Aeterna Dance Company, LLC

"I had a great time watching the movie (GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment) since i came from dancing myself and quickly moved over to writing. It was a pleasure to watch: Kujo (Krazy Kujo), OG Skeeter Rabbit breaking down some of the early moves such as the funky chicken etc...

Look, listen and learn from this 1 hour and 10 minutes documentary / tutorial."
---Bates, Artist
http://www.greatbates.com/   http://www.12ozprophet.com/index.php/bates/    and my webshop for canvas work: http://greatbates.bigcartel.com/
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 "WOW!   Great information!  Excellent Direction. Amazing people (who could explain their feelings) Machine!!!!! 'Nough said. Even I understood!  Ha Ha!~   The editing ROCKED and I know how much effort it took!

Again AMAZING production (Once again!) "
---Tom Rowe, Filmmaker

"Hey Bob thanks so much for the download, I think you did an excellent job.. great film. I love the way some of the lesser knowns were exposed. "
---OG Skeeter Rabbit, "Original GoGo Brother & Locking Pioneer who performed with the Lockers"

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