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" The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."
Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 - 1959)

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Graffiti Verite' only $23.95 (includes shipping and handling) Libraries and Schools only $33.95 (includes Public Performance Rights)GV2  only $23.95 (includes shipping and handling) Libraries and Schools only $33.95 (includes Public Performance Rights)GV3 only $23.95 (includes shipping and handling) Libraries and Schools only $33.95 (includes Public Performance Rights)GV4 only $23.95 (includes shipping and handling) Libraries and Schools only $33.95 (includes Public Performance Rights)GV5  only $23.95 (includes shipping and handling) Libraries and Schools only $33.95 (includes Public Performance Rights)
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Multi-Award Winning Documentaries on Urban Hieroglyphics
and Hip-Hop are now Available on DVD
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Graffiti Verite' Series AnimationTrailer
Magazine AnimationTrailer
Hollywood, CA-- Everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about Urban Hieroglyphics AKA the Graffiti Art Movement, is contained in what Indie Executive-Producer Bob Bryan  calls the "most highly anticipated Video to DVD collection release" of the Graffiti Verite' Documentary Video Series.
The successful National Educational Media Network "Gold Apple," and CINE "Golden Eagle" Award-Winning Series, produced by Bryan World Productions, LLC.  is NOW AVAILABLE for Worldwide DVD product distribution and Foreign Language Videograms.  Bryan is geared up for a huge 2005 marketing push and sell through bonanza.
The multi-award winning Five (5) DVD series, directed by filmmaker Bob Bryan has single-handedly become the most innovative and successful  series in the market that explores the eclectic psyches, art and ideologies that spawned the underground world of hip-hop and the Urban Graffiti Art Movement. GV is an ideal acquisition to reach the Young Adult, Hip-hop, Graffiti Artist, Art Educator / Student and Teen demographic. As a testament to it‘s crossover appeal, parents even love it !!
"Required viewing for all citizens of Big Cities that don’t understand the significance and impact of Graffiti."
-Rap Pages Magazine
"A must-see Video to understand what is happening to the inner world of today's Urban Children."
-Wisconsin Bookwatch
"If you regard Graffiti as defacement of property - something that Gentrification should eraase - you must see this video!"
-Eye Magazine, Underground News
Graffiti Verite' has been broadcast on many local PBS stations across the country and has won countless National Film & Video awards and been widely reviewed by National  and Underground writers.
"This well-produced examination of an underground art form, explained by the artists who created it will add a new dimension to art classes and to library video collections. We recommend its use in High Schools and College Art Classes."
--School Library Journal
This widely acclaimed, one-of-a-kind series is highly regarded by educators, art students, graffiti artists and librarians throughout the United States and is viewed as the preeminent series on the subject and is considered "Appropriate and useful classroom material..."
The Committee for the Los Angeles County Office of Education
In an innovative bold stroke filmmaker Bob Bryan created GV4: The Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls and Canvas a how-to video that actually teaches novices and beginners how to create and master the Graffiti Art Techniques so that they can create their own artistic expression.
"The fourth (4th) entry in the Graffiti Verite' Series covers the basics of becoming a graffiti artist, with instruction by graffiti artist SANO in the techniques of sketching, outlining and fading, highlighting and shadowing, "can control," 3D effects, and more. Declaring his absolute love of the genre, SANO sketches ideas on a pad while sitting in the sun, and talks about translating his vision onto the wall."
-Video Librarian Review (Video Review Magazine for Libraries)

GV4 DVD has been released in Japan and Australia (News Section)

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For more information on the International Licensing of the GV Series contact Bob Bryan 323 / 856-9256 or
email: bryworld@aol
USA Standard DVD (Region 1) is now available for Distribution and Sale

DVD Collector's Edition with Special Bonus Features:

According to Bryan, "never before in history has there been such an art movement that has impacted so many people on a worldwide basis. Graffiti Art is both loved and hated and it's freely given away to the anonymous public. The walls are visually screaming loudly and we’re ignoring its historical and emotional significance. If your child were yelling at the top of their lungs in the next room, could you ignore their agonizing screams? I don't think so...."
Bryan believes that as a culture we cannot afford to be so blind, not to "read the writing on the wall." The canvas walls of our city streets are being used pretty much like newspapers uses paper to tell the story of the people's daily struggle and search for identity. Of course, this controversial public art dialogue is articulated with allot more flava, attitude, passion and conviction. We study hieroglyphics, petroglyphs and cave writings to try to understand its connection to it's culture, but somehow we choose to disregard the messages being blasted loudly and in 3D on today's graffiti filled walls. It doesn't make sense.
"The strength of your Documentary is that you focus on the commentary of the understand their thinking and what motivates them is really important to an appreciation of this art form."
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles CA
"The minority artists are so well represented and come across with such integrity, intelligence, and cultural and artistic knowledge. This will do a great deal to help dispel the usually wrong impression that Graffiti Artists are anti-intellectual and unaware of anything other than their own wish to express themselves..."
Andrew Connors, National Museum, Smithsonian Institution
"Close-up and personal! This newly released and beautifully produced Documentary uncovers the underground Los Angeles Graffiti Art Movement and explores it's relation to contemporary Hip-Hop Culture."
-Public Art Review
"The colorful, neon-like murals seen here (far removed from the ugly gang territory markings) are, rather, the brash Picasso's of Hip-hop culture."
-Booklist Review
"Viewers may be surprised to learn that not only is this a legitimate art form, but there are contests (the narrator is the two-time winner of  The International Graffiti Art Competition and applies his paint to legal graffiti walls and a variety of techniques and procedures used to produce top quality aerosol art...."
-School Library Journal
"Graffiti Verite' is both interesting and enlightening. I understand your enthusiasm and dedication to this project and wish you the best of success."
-Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks, SKG,
Executive Producer: Shrek 2, Chicken Run, The Road to El Dorado, The Prince of Egypt.
"Their work comes across as a complex, powerful undertaking with loads of Artistic Credibility. The Artists discuss working in a realm of self-expression and social commentary and how they engage in a 'game of survival' on Urban Streets fraught with physical danger."
-Mill Valley Film Festival

"I kept being reminded of the works of Keith Haring and Salvador Dali.  I guess in some ways all art begin as rebellion!  The M.B.C. would be honored to add the program (Graffiti Verite') to our extensive collection of award-winning documentaries."
-The Museum of Broadcast Communications

"Director Bob Bryan is extremely successful at depicting Graffiti art as an unsung and unrecognized source of some of the most original and culturally rich artwork of the 20th Century. It likens Graffiti to the impressionists of the early 1900's. Similar to Graf work, impressionist works were not accepted into the mainstream until long after they were created. Viewing this film makes me see the talent that is going unnoticed in the art-world."
-Hip-Hop Now
"The range of Los Angeles Artists and styles included in the video is mind-boggling...Bryan captures the tense energy of the writers by not allowing the viewer space to reflect on or time to absorb all the information he packs into this video ! "
-Public Art Review
"The GV of the title stands for Graffiti Verité, Bob Bryan’s eye-popping endeavor to document the world of aerosol art. On his website, GraffitiVerité.com, Bryan quotes from Bertolt Brecht:  "Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it."

Through Bryan’s GV series of instructional videotapes, the outsider can glimpse a part of this shaping which is commonly dismissed and (in some cases erroneously) regarded as Vandalism. Bryan’s subject in GV4 is the spray can artist SANO, who points out that the concrete he  works on here is indeed legal. The Graffiti Pit walls in Venice, California, are approximately sixty feet long by six feet high, and are open for community expression..."

The GV Series is currently available on-line at, Alibris,, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Target, Borders, Circuit City, Facets Multimedia, Tapeworm etal. The staff at Bryan World Productions, LLC. is looking for other on-line distributors and e-Vendors interested in becoming distributors (sellers) of the GV Series. Sales Reps and managers should contact Loida Mariano at
"We are already well-positioned within Schools and Libraries and with many quality high profile stores across the US. Having accomplished those goals with the VHS market we now have our sights set on another level of worldwide commercial market penetration. We're eager to take full advantage of the mammoth worldwide Hip-hop and the Graffiti Art Phenomenon. The timing right now is perfect for us!"
Bob is currently in simutaneous pre-production with GV6, GV7 and GV8. Production to begin Spring / Summer '05.

Contact Info:
Loida Mariano, Account Executive
Tel. Number: 323 / 856-9256 (USA)
Fax Number: 323 / 856-0855 (USA)
Mailing Address:
Bryan World Productions, LLC.
Attn: Loida Mariano, Account Executive
PO Box 74033
Los Angeles CA 90004

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