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of the New Documentary

featuring Los Angeles Poet Laureate,

Author of Award -Winning Memoirs

Always Running”  It Calls You Back.”

Available on YouTube.com from Thursday, January 14 to Sunday, January 17, 2016


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GV28 Reviews

“A powerful, well-conceived and executed piece of work. A singularly unique and artful documentary

on my poetry and key aspects of my life.”                 

- Luis J. Rodriguez, Award Winning Writer / Poet


“I thought it was important when Luis discussed his feelings about 'rejection and belittling dismissal'...

I love how he kept going. So many artists have that story and I'm glad it was brought up.

Great work. Great film!”          

- Jaha Zainabu, Poet


GV28 is deeper than deep!”

- Thomas Braxton Jr., Artist


“Very informative documentary with great history!  Keep up the great work.

History is so important."

- LaShone Montgomery, Educator


“Although I feel for him having endured such mental and physical abuse in his life;

he is blessed with the gift of expression that most people only dream about.

His pain and triumphs are clearly conveyed to the audience in such an extravagant,

yet humble way, so as not to belittle the masses.

This guy is TRUTH in every sense of the word.”

 - Matthew Moppins, Educator


GV28 clearly shows Luis' complex and unique personal history, his strength, indomitable will

and his desire to know who he is. This sharing takes form and expression in his love for creative writing.

Only he knows the demons and secrets that dwell within and that he'll silently carry to the grave.

Job well done Mr. Bryan and congratulations to author Luis J. Rodriguez.”

- Davyd McCoy, Writer


“Luis Rodriguez is a unusual man with an amazing perspective of life.

As per usual, you make amazing statements with your editing choices, cuts, subject matter etc.

The film says 'Bob Bryan' all over it! Great damn job!”

- Melanie Wise, Founder Artemis Film Festival



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Producer / Director Bob Bryan


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On-Line Documentary Screening


Dear Friend,


Bryan World Productions is proud to present you with a YouTube.com preview online screening of the new documentary film from multi award-winning indie writer / director / producer and cinematographer  Bob Bryan.  WHO AM I? is the 28th installment of the GV Docu-Series.



Wisdom From The Bones

Featuring: Writer / Poet Luis Javier Rodriguez


In 1993, Luis J. Rodriguez exploded onto the National Literary Scene with the release of his memoir ALWAYS RUNNING  Living La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.  Based entirely on true events in his furious life ALWAYS RUNNING  is a Literary "must-read" selection that has sold over half-a-million copies to date.




“Always Running stands out as one of the most significant

coming of age stories of our times.”

- El Paso Times


“Vivid and well-written...a particularly timely and

welcome exploration of the roots of Latino rage...as inspiring as it is grim.”

- Terry Pristin, New York Newsday


“Luis Rodriguez's books bring us into

the turbulent vortex of gang life in all it's bitter complexity...

By expressing the pain of those most destroyed,

Rodriguez never lets us forget where we need to go together.”

- Fred Whitehead, The National Catholic Reporter


ALWAYS RUNNING went on to win the prestigious Carl Sandburg Literary Award (for Non-Fiction,) as well as to collect a considerable amount of important National awards and recognitions. Recently appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Luis is currently serving as the Official Poet Laureate of the City of Los Angeles, California. 


GV28 WHO AM I? Wisdom From The Bones explores the complex psyche' of a flawed but incredibly talented and prolific artist in an intimate no holds barred one-on-one interview format conducted by the filmmaker. Also integrated into this special presentation is Rodriguez's dramatic readings of his unforgettable poetic works, performed in emotionally evocative settings.  Luis J. Rodriguez has written more than 21 memoirs, novels, poetry books and anthologies to date.


The DVD for GV28 is scheduled for general release on February 5, 2016.

gv28 who am i? wisdom from the bones

If you'd like to participate in this special screening opportunity, 

please go to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-eaE_rtpUM.  

Your invaluable feedback should be sent to Loida at bryworld@aol.com.   

Running Time:  77 minutes