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As  part of the GV Docu-Series, Executive Producer /  Filmmaker Bob Bryan proudly presents GV29 A Meditation: Women The Power Paradigm.

GV29 examines the perspectives and attitudes of six (6) unusual women      on a quest for finding Emotional, Professional and Artistic fulfillment.

These amazingly talented women have designed for themselves a methodology for achieving their goals of self-realization, regardless of life’s omnipresent challenges and unpredictability.   GV29 is a must-see film!

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GV29 Film Reviews



“Fantastic film!!!  GV29 takes us on a journey of six dynamic women... but it’s not just about or for women. GV29  explores how all people face universal challenges and take life on! Inspiring and thrilling to watch.”  - Zacarah Baldwin, Writer / Filmmaker


“The exciting interviews with these amazing women encourage us all to take charge of our bodies and minds and make things happen!

- Pauli Dutton,  Former Principal Librarian /Acting District Director of The Altadena Public Library


“I am honored to be able to preview this wonderful, inspiring and empowering film.

I love how the words are covered: 


- Andi Gee


GV29 shows the strength all women can summon if we try.”- Maeve ThunderChild


GV29 A MEDITATION: WOMEN THE POWER PARADIGM will spark a lively discussion about empowerment, gender roles, creativity and so much more.  - Trini Rodriguez, Executive Director, Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore


“As a woman, I appreciate the exciting facets and personal commitments of women owning their power that’s not defined by body stereotypical issues regarding height, weight, age, class, race or circumstance.”

 - Nancy Mildren, Yoga Instructor, Artist, Mother


“I’ve never been in anything so beautiful.”

-  Ladee Dred, Singer / Songwriter


“What a powerful message. Great Expression from some very powerful and enlightened women.

Well Done !”  - Tiffany Havens 


GV29 is so powerful and totally relevant with just went on around the world with the

Womens’ March.” - Michelle Angelini, Poet


“Though not designed as a political movie, we greatly enjoyed GV29 for the universal encouragement of pursuing dreams and better goals, which transcends even the gender

reference of the title.”

- Dan Gee, Writer


“These women speak from Strength: a history of challenge, risk taking, making their work and fun combine.” - Jack G. Bowman, MA

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