Artist's Statement
Cleveland Heights, Ohio U.S.A.

"World Deluxe" is located on Mt. Overlook road, at the corner of Quincy Avenue and Woodhill Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.

It was a permissioned piece acquired through Priesler Lumber and Cleveland School of the Arts.

Dayz, and Bias of Cleveland Skribe Tribe were the helping (priming and painting) hands on this project.

The final dimensions of "World Deluxe" are 12' x 240'.

"Word Deluxe" is a question about the balance of nature and technology. The elderly male character suggests that he has traveled the free "natural" world. He is beyond the map in his quest for knowledge and experience. His background (a scenery or time past) is vast and colorful, where his knowledge has led him out of the woods and toward a new frontier.

The young (sexy) woman represents youth and the preoccupation with looking attractive, yet she too is a traveler. She travels quickly through the technology of cyberspace while studying the same map. Her background is fragmented, as she represents the future and knows not the facilities the world has to offer. She is chained to the technology that is the darkness of her reality. Is she using the computer, or is she crippled by relying on the computer to search her compact deluxe world?


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