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" I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life
by conscious endeavor."
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
Hip-Hop Problems? Who's Responsible?
By Paul Porter

" Hip Hop problems?  Who's responsible? Do we continue to point the finger? After twenty five years of broadcasting for the nation's finest Radio and TV outlets, the answers have hit me. I am responsible for the allowing the lack of balance in entertainment. That's right, I tuned out while the corporate dollar slowly closed the door. The variety of the messages are few but the mediums for the messages constantly grow. The days of AM or the lonely Black FM are long gone.  MTV then BET you can't count the outlets that dominate broadcast media, but you are well aware of the messages. The constant barrage of  bling, sex and drugs are prevalent. Many blame big business and the corporate take over. I don't because I made the choice to turn while our children listen intently. We wonder why the messages have groomed today's youth to their current state of mess. I lost my mind while collecting six digit salaries for NBC and BET. My bling turned into a house, luxury ride and a occasional mind altering package. I escaped unlike many of today's young hip hop generation because I was blessed by balance. I understood the difference in music and reality.

Balance is hearing songs of struggle mixed with uplifting reality.  Unfortunately we hear only one voice now, the usual
where we came from, but never where we are at. Head bobbing, brainwashing, bitch-slapping lyrics and videos. Have
you complained or simply changed the channel?  The sad thing is I have realized the next generation is locked in, living
it daily. Blunt smoking forty-ounce drinking, radio and TV is the only option for many of today's Urban youth.  Yes I am well aware that the masses create the platinum artist but statistics prove that income and education provides values.
How do we change the message from the messenger?

Personally I began to listen again to every form of media that I tuned  out. Hell I call entertainment my career and I
was surprised when I learned how to listen. No surprise after I understood what is really blasting thru the TV and
speakers. Matter of fact I am sure my fate would have been similar to our youth if I grew up over the past ten years.
The X BOX replaced basketball teams and the images are readily accepted in our homes without a word. Yes it is easy
not to notice and harder to understand and explain. Take a look at self examine values then ask why it is so different
now for children. The bling or should I say the dollar controls it all. Broadcast corporations will tell you that their
research shows that this is what America wants. What they won't tell you is that research can't tell you what you don't
hear. Is it corporate America brainwashing the messenger?

Of course, but why stop if we're not complaining, asking the questions, or doing the research.  Bill Cosby recently woke up out of the same media induced sleep that most adults are suffering from.  We nod our heads and most agree with Bill but don't know how to cause change. Knowledge is power if you don't understand the enemy you will never defeat it.  Bill O’Reilly blast the rapper, why not blast MTV, BET or your local radio station.  There are plenty of thought provoking lyricist out there but now they're underground, just like “gangsta rap” was ten years ago.  I have a problem with the companies that make huge profits by gearing their messages to the 8 to18 year old.  Unfortunately, the FCC is focusing on Janet's breast and not the head cracking lyrics of your top-rated media outlets. If you need some help, feel free to ask, but do something. You owe it to yourself and for that little smiling face you'll see growing up in this media madness."
--Paul Porter
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