Johnny Masuda  - Bad Johnny's Dirty Perspectives is for those that can't stand the flowers shoved up their noses. Johnnys' first Book "For All My Dead Babies" is not for the faint of heart or for those looking for something nice to read to their significant other.  With a BA and MA in Sociology (Phd Candidate) Masuda has the eye of a sociologist and the heart of a missionary and the cynicism of a drug dealer and the compassion of a father. He is a major new voice in American poetry and the subject of an upcoming documentary film for Bob Bryan's "Graffiti Verite" series. Reading this collection is the literary equivalent of riding a rollercoaster through the LA riots. With surprising tenderness and empathy, Masuda's work examines poverty, prejudice, addiction and the search for meaning and self. 

(by Buddah Moskowitz -

Luis Campos  - Incomparable to any other modern poet, Luis Campos collects a lifetime of his personal best - 100 Selected Poems. Through his signature tangling of words, readers are not clear what emotions are appropriate - joy or tears, lust or disgust. Campos clearly controls the language in a ways that bring levels to each poem, drawing upon multiple interpretations and defiance of expectations. Or, they could mean nothing at all.


Lynne Thompson  was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, by parents born in the Windward Islands, West Indies. She received her B.A. from Scripps College and a J.D from Southwestern University of Law. Lynne Thompson is a recovering attorney who now works in human resources for the University of California, Los Angeles as the Director of Employee and Labor Relations. An active member of the Los Angeles literary scene and a Pushcart Prize nominee her work has been published in Rattle, Louisiana Literature and The Yalobusha Review and is forthcoming in Runes and The Indiana Review. Ms. Thompson's latest book is entitled BEG NO PARDON published by 

Perugia Press or 

Marie Lecrivain  is the executive editor of poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles. She's a 2nd-level denizen of Dante's Inferno, and is a writer in residence at her apartment. Her prose and poetry have appeared in AE Magazine, Earth's Daughters, Subtle Tea, Triplopia, and in the upcoming anthology Literary Angles: the second year of poeticdiversity (Sybaritic Press 2005). She is the author of two poetry collections: Canticle of a Bored Hausfrau (Sybaritic Press 2003), and poetry whored, an e-chapbook (Tamafyhr Mountain Press 2004). 

Marie's avocations include photography, Sean Bean, felines, expensive handbags, and sensual tributes upon her neck from male artists-except male poets, who only write about it.


"Writing is like having sex with a beautiful freak, adventurous and uncomfortable to the extreme."

Award-winning poet, Marcielle Brandler earned her Master’s Degree in 1994 in Professional Writing, with emphasis on Poetry and has been publishing her work since 1976.  She was an editor for Working Title Magazine, and a staff writer for Creative Line Magazine, Religion & Ethics Digest, and Sierra Madre Vista. Marcielle has been teaching English, Literature, Creative Writing, and Critical Thinking at the college level for two decades. She hosted a monthly poetry reading series called Ambassadors of Delight for three years, and her Adelphia Public Access TV show is called, Marcielle Presents!   She was a judge in the 2001 & the 2005 Poetry Competitions at Los Angeles City College. She has directed poetry workshops since 1988 as an independent contractor for California Poets in the Schools and mentored a younger poet with Performing Tree. Marcielle was a Board member of the Alameda Writers’ Group and appears in Who’s Who of American Women 2003-07 and in Who’s Who in the World, 2005-07.  She did an interview on Xradio, and her poem, “First One,” has just been published in the San Gabriel Valley Ouarterly. She is currently doing a book tour in Los Angeles.

For information call: 626 791-5867 or email:  Visit her website at :

Nika Hoffman   A fifteen-year veteran of teaching creative writing, film studies, and English in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, Nika Hoffman has also worked in film research, documentary film, published dozens of critical essays, and won national writing awards for her short fiction. A Columbia MFA graduate, Hoffman has two poems in the 2004 issue of Onthebus and two literary reviews in Magill's Literary Annual.



Rod Bradley   is a poet, novelist ( TV Man, Gun Play) and filmmaker (PAINTING THE WILD,  boy & dog)  living in South Central Los Angeles. He was born in Wisconsin, grew up in various small towns in the Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, California, came of age in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon  and has now spent the second part of his life in that city of exiles affectionately known both by its initials, and its sweetly ironic moniker, City of Angels. 

sh:    It was a great honor to be in the GV6 the Odyssey. There were so many incredible poets in the bunch. Bob Bryan, the director, believed that poetry provides remedy to the soul. He created this documentary to educate the young. I hope educators in our mundane world of  “No Child Left Behind” push forward the importance of reading, writing, and reciting poetry.  I don’t know if non-poets will understand poetry after seeing this documentary, but I definitely know children will get it. While watching the documentary, it would be interesting if a classroom full of students ask the teacher to turn off the poetic babble so that they can actually write poetry. 

Marcielle Brandler  -  Marcielle Brandler’s first book of poetry, The Breathing House is now available on, and Borders Books. Her poetry has been widely published & translated into French, Czech, Spanish, & Arabic. Her work has been praised by Jack Hirschman, poet Laureate of San Francisco; Evelyn McDonnell, LA Weekly,1992; LIONEL ROLFE, Writer/Editor California Classics Books & others. “Marcielle, is the Salvador Dali of poetry!”– Jesse Collins, Jesse Collins Jazz Band. Her poem, “Eden” won first prize at the Mt. San Antonio College Writers’ Day Festival 1997.  Her poem, “At the Monastery,” was part of a national project. More than a thousand carnations were distributed through participating schools and volunteers on February 14, 2006 throughout different communities in Los Angeles. Marcielle’s poem went a number of times into the hands of Los Angeles individuals on the streets, in the schools, in a mall, in a hospital, rest home or bus stop!

Shahe Mankerian calls Pasadena home. He received his graduate degree in English from California State University, Los Angeles, and wrote a book of poetry entitled Children of Honey. Recently, his work was featured in Birthmark, an anthology of Armenian-American poets. Shahe Mankerian ‘04 is now the principal at St. Gregory’s Hovesepian School in Pasadena. 

Interview with Shahe Mankerian.  The complete interview can be read at Poetic Diversity:


dg:    What are your thoughts about being one of the 31 poets who appeared in the GV6 The Odyssey: Poets, Passion and Poetry documentary? In what way do you think this documentary will help non-poets understand poetry?

\Luis Campos, a native of the Dominican Republic, started writing poetry in 1968. In 1969, he joined the original Venice Poetry Workshop, initiated by John Harris and Joseph Hansen. "Shooting on W. 92nd St." won first prize in the Bay Area Poets Coalition contest of 1984. "Electric Poem in A.C. Minor" won the Unknown Reader Award of Electrum Magazine in 1985. "For Lease" won second prize, Ecology category, Bay Area Poets Coalition contest of 1985.


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 “ Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.” 

-  Robert Green Ingersoll

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