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Multi Award-Winning Poetry


icongv28 who am i? private places teaser #1

“I really liked your GV28 WHO AM I? Wisdom from the Bones. Luis J. Rodriguez is great. The close-ups of his face reading so many of his poems is a deeply moving and inspiring literary gift. I appreciate that you wove in a beautiful chronology of family photos honoring every stage of his life heritage and the psychological rites of passage of his strength of will and passionate living / dying in the fire and personal choices in opening new doors through mastering adversities that have broken others. 

The music sound track and visual and textual editing add fun, energetic quickening of the lively pulse, vitality, and cultural rhythms of city living. There are also profound moments of stopping and savoring--the sparkle in the eye of the wisdom of pain transformed into forgiveness so as not to personally be weighed down by the burden of terribly violating things.”   - Nancy Mildren,  Artist

gv21 the wanda coleman project: american sonnet 100 teaser


Subject:  Literary Poetry

“GV21 is a full-on Documentary Interview with the Brilliant Poet / Writer / Journalist Wanda Coleman by Bob Bryan. 

Los Angeles’  “Unofficial Poet Laureate” was an edgy life-force in the poetry community during many of its ebbs and flows over the past 3 decades.  Her power and talent matched only by her raw, charismatic energy as a compassionate person, completely aware in the moment, each moment of her life.  

It was my pleasure to meet and hear her read several times over the years. We in the community are dumbstruck by her loss and that’s why, with an act or artistic theatrical-cinematic magic, we have this film.  A divine act of poetic sorcery. "- Jack G. Bowman, Poet / MA LMFT  


The Iridescent Equations of  SPOKEN WORD 

Subject:  Spoken-Word Poetry

gv7 random urban static official trailer

Intellectually engaging, the film replaces the need to read the police roster of any newspaper, east or west, to learn of the tragedies of American urban landscapes. Redefinitions of the social, political, and personal struggles of our lives reverberate with each poem.  The featured poets describe the psyche as more than ranting, rhymes, and storytelling; there are tears, laughter, and frustrations that surface on route to wanting to be understood.” -  Dr. Maria R. Burgio, Author

“GV7  written and directed by Bob Bryan is more a documentary of the Spoken Word than of its poets. The collective work of featured poets has a universal message. The spoken word is the voice.   

“Voice is your power, voice is who you are,  your voice is a gift”  says a young woman  (Poet Bridget Gray)

as the film begins, “don’t let anyone take your voice.”  


gv6 the odyssey: poets, passion & poetry official trailer

GV6  THE ODYSSEY: Poets, Passion & Poetry 

Subject:  Literary Poetry

“Iyou can buy only one poetry program this year,  buy this Odyssey  of  31 poets  who read, rant, and philosophize about what  they do.  This treasure trove of contemporary poets spans all  ages and ethnicities  — just having them together  here is exciting. 

Each poet is articulate and passionate.  Viewers who already love poetry will be grateful to have  so much solid poetry at hand and  hear it read so well by its creators.  Those new to poetry or  unfamiliar  with the art will get a gentle and stimulating education.    


High school and college students, as well as adults,  should respond well to the film as there is so much here to discuss & explore.  The bonus features include complete readings."  - LIBRARY JOURNAL

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GV28  WHO AM I? Wisdom From The Bones

Subject:  Literary Poetry