LONELY BROTHA represents many tragic intimate issues to people of all races, sexual affiliations, backgrounds, nationality and pathologies. Do we dare care to understand the moment-to-moment struggles of the chronically mentally depressed and confused?


Empathy exists in many different realities. Inspiring “the fallen” to connect with their creative voice can potentially be a positive therapeutic and healing life-altering intervention for them. 


LONELY BROTHA is a snapshot of a man swallowed up within a cycle of an inexplicable and inescapable dystopian  emotional / psychological psychic nightmare. He feels like there is NO EXIT and NO HOPE.  The idea of  Relief is a myth which rarely crosses his obsessive compulsive mind-set.


Existing just beyond the blurred peripheral vision of his fragile cognition are few motivating options available for him to escape this oppressively omnipotent suffocating Reality. He is always alone with this insidiously pulsating pain that is slowly driving him crazy.  The dark sinister whispers from another dimension torment him and keep him company. This relentlessly loud cacophony of voices reverberating in his head never seems to go away!   NEVER!!  “ Oh gawd save me, please please get outta my head, get outta my head.”


While Darkness is an overwhelmingly powerful illusion... we know that it is NOT the only way out!


--- Filmmaker Bob Bryan

 “I think most Writers would like a quiet space, complete isolation,

in which they control their own time.

Spaces of creativity in which there’s very little interruption…”

- Wole Soyinka

A  Poetic Short Film  from  Multi Award-Winning Filmmaker Bob Bryan 



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