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To perform or display a work "publicly" means--to perform or display it at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances are gathered; to transmit or otherwise communicate a performance or display of the work to a place specified by clause (1) or to the public, by means of any device or process, whether the members of the public capable of receiving the performance or display receive it in the same place or in separate places and at the same time or at different times. (Title 17, U.S.C., Copyrights, Section 101, Definitions)


What is Public Performance Rights (PPR)?

The Exhibition or  Screening of this Video in a Public Setting requires the venue, establishment, or in some cases the individual to secure an additional license, The Public Performance License. The basic concept here is that if you, your class or Institution are going to benefit from the Performance of a Producer's Work, the Producer should also benefit. These additional PPR fees collected by the Libraries or Educational Institutions  are paid to the Producer as compensation for the performance of their works within a Public Arena i.e.: Classroom, Rental Facility, Library, Auditorium or part of a Public Presentation for paying customers or for free.

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 “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” 

- Charles M. Schulz (1922 - 2000), Charlie Brown in "Peanuts"

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Los Angeles, CA -- Multi award-winning Independent Filmmaker Bob Bryan took his camera on the road (in search of Hip-Hop) to the Heartland of America. "I figured if  Hip-Hop exists here, then it's pretty much everywhere! "  Bryan was invited to document a historic four (4) day Hip-Hop Summer Workshop conducted at Metro High School, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which resulted in Graffiti Verite’ 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop.  


According to Jim Jacobmeyer, Art Instructor at Metro High School. (GV5 - Jim Jacobmeyer Speaks - Breaking it Down in the Middle: Pop and Hip-Hop,)


“Hip-hop culture is alive and well in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and  we

invited Bob to come down  to Cedar Rapids  to discover  how a local alternative High School was using the four (4) elements of Hip-hop

to integrate the visual and performing arts into one summer program. 


Our summer school  workshop was inspired by Bob Bryan's  first documentary on Graffiti Art called Graffiti Verite’, a collection of interviews done with West Coast Graffiti artists.   The artists talked

about Graffiti as being a part of a bigger culture, which included the elements of graffiti art, dance, music and poetry.  We liked the idea of this mix...  We knew this idea would  appeal to our students!"


- Jim Jacobmeyer,

Art Instructor at Metro High School


Graffiti Verite' 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop Documentary Video Cover

In the just released Accolade Award-Winning documentary,  Graffiti Verite’ 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop, Bryan was able to capture the excitement of this innovative hands-on workshop. What emerges is a portrait of the educational value and liberating therapeutic power  contained within the unique elements of the contemporary Hip-hop movement. Turntablism (DJing),  Break-dancing, MC'ing (Rappin') and Graffiti Art are the four (4) Hip-Hop elements used in what Bryan sees as a multifaceted communications modality and dynamic educational learning system.  


I knew there was a great misconception about what Hip-Hop was really all

about, partially due to the massive negative propaganda generated by the

media. The public relations problem with  Hip-Hop is that only the stereo-

typical bling-bling, darker, sinister and negative aspects of certain outrageous

lifestyles are given airplay. The beautiful positive poetry, music, dance and art

of  young people focusing upon identity, self-esteem, community, social issues

and their future are rarely, if ever, given an opportunity to exist in the public

dialogue of ideas.  In GV5, I wanted to take a closer look at the facts. It turns

out that the four elements of Hip-Hop, if used creatively, can give our educators

an invaluable tool to bridge the communications and learning dyslexia that exist between students, educators and the 4R's.  It’s time to explore this type of multi-intelligence model and integrate its positive potential usefulness into the curriculum, as a method of connecting with today's youth.


- Bob Bryan, Director GV5

Graffiti Verite (GV5): 

The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop