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"Your film Graffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall truly inspired me 

& my peers in showing the artistic and creative side of Graffiti Art."

- Jessie Castillo, Artist



GV27: Graffiti Verite' Redux celebrates and commemorates the  20th Anniversary of the worldwide indie release of  Graffiti Verite': Read the Writing on the Wall.  With Original never-seen-before  interviews, footage and Artwork.  GV27 reconnects with the creative energy and  zeitgeist of that fertile period in Los Angeles' Urban Art History, when  Graffiti was everywhere!  Graffiti Verite'' became a multi Award-Winning cultural tour d' force. A definitive statement that spoke of Graffiti as a legitimate Artistic expression  had now arrived on the Art Scene and could no longer be ignored, berated or  relegated to the fringes of polite Art society.  More GV27 Reviews...

GV1 Read The Writing on the Wall  An amazing multi  Award-Winning Documentary that explores the eclectic    world of  Hip-Hop and the urban Graffiti Artist.  Graffiti Verite' is a 45  minute groundbreaking Documentary that includes interviews and behind the scenes views of 24 of    Los Angeles' most prolific and talented Graffiti Artists. continue...

GV2 Freedom of ExpreSSion? Indie documentary  filmmaker Bob Bryan has proven once again with his new documentary GV2 that there's much more to the Graffiti       Art Movement than at first glance. Flying high above Los Angeles in a "ghetto bird," GV2 starts out by looking down    on our streets, seeking out those artists who ply their incendiary craft on the walls of our cities while we sleep. continue...

GV3 A Voyage into the Iconography of Graffiti Art  is a poetic voyage, a meditation  into the iconography of       Graffiti Art featuring an eclectic soundtrack as it's      emotional and intellectual core.  GV3 is a compelling   sensorial experience, shockingly honest and defiantly politically incorrect. GV3 follows in the Golden footsteps of  Bryan's documentaries Graffiti Verite' and GV2:  Freedom of ExpreSSion? which are both considered    urban classics and are currently in world-wide distribution. continue...

GV4  Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls & Canvas  The ultimate Primer / Tutorial and Step by  Step Program on Spray Can Art. Most popular amongst    Educators, the series has given outsiders a rare glimpse    into the outstanding Art and eclectic personalities behind     the controversial Graffiti Art Movement.  In GV4, Cleveland, Ohio Artist SANO  (2x Winner of The International Graffiti Art Competition) pulls you into the Underground Art Form by showing the concepts, aesthetics, techniques, and style needed to complete a perfect semi " Wild Style " masterpiece (on a Legal Wall) as well as techniques for creating Aerosol Art on Canvas. continue...



GV5 THE SACRED ELEMENTS OF HIP-HOP  Exploring    the positive influences of Hip-Hop on American teens, filmmaker Bob Bryan's fifth documentary chronicles a          Hip-Hop Summer Workshop - which focuses on DJ'ing, Writing, Dancing, MC'ing and Graffiti Art - at Metro High School, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Designed to create a     bridge between educators and students, the Hip-Hop     course provides teens with the supportive environment      they need to freely express themselves and develop self-esteem through the Arts.  continue...



GV6 THE ODYSSEY: Poets, Passion & Poetry   "If you can buy only one poetry program this year,  buy this odyssey of 31 poets who read, rant, and philosophize about what they do.  This treasure trove of contemporary poets spans all  ages and ethnicities — just having them together here is exciting.  Each  poet is articulate and passionate.  Viewers who already love poetry will be grateful to have  so much  solid poetry at hand and hear it read so well by its creators.  Those new to poetry or unfamiliar with the art  will get a gentle and stimulating education.   High school and college students, as well as adults,  should respond well to the film as there is so much here to discuss and explore.  The bonus features include complete readings. Recommended for all collections. Poetry lives here!"  - LIBRARY JOURNAL  continue...

GV21 THE WANDA COLEMAN PROJECT: Genuis. (Period). "GV21 is a full on Documentary Interview with the Brilliant Poet / Writer / Journalist Wanda Coleman by Bob Bryan. Los Angeles' "Unofficial Poet Laureate" was an edgy life-force in the poetry community during many of its ebbs and flows over the past 3 decades.  Her power and talent matched only by her raw, charismatic energy as a compassionate person, completely aware in the moment, each moment of her life. It was my pleasure to meet and hear her read several times over the years. We in the community are dumbstruck by her loss and that’s why, with an act or artistic theatrical-cinematic magic, we have this film.  A divine act of poetic sorcery." - Jack G. Bowman, Poet / MA LMFT  More GV21 Reviews...

GV28 WHO AM I? Wisdom from the Bones. “I really liked your  GV28 WHO AM I? Wisdom from the Bones, Luis Rodriguez is great. The close-ups of his face reading so many of his poems is a deeply moving and inspiring literary gift. I appreciate that you wove in a beautiful chronology of family photos honoring every stage of his life heritage and the psychological rites of passage of his strength of will and passionate living / dying in the fire and personal choices in opening new doors through mastering adversities that have broken others. The music sound track and visual and textual editing add fun, energetic quickening of the lively pulse, vitality, and cultural rhythms of city living. There are also profound moments of stopping and savoring--the sparkle in the eye of the wisdom of pain transformed into forgiveness so as not to personally be weighed down by the burden of terribly violating things.”  - Nancy Mildren, Artist  More GV28 Reviews...



GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC: The Iridescent Equations of SPOKEN WORD  Filmmaker Bob Bryan has proudly unveiled his seventh powerful installment in his multi  award-winning Graffiti Verite' Docu-Series. GV7 returns to the enigmatic world of Poetry. This time around he  retrieves the perspectives of fifteen (15) uniquely talented poets involved in the world of SPOKEN-WORD.  From  Grand-Slam Champions to Open-Mic Veterans, GV7 crosses all philosophical, racial, sexual and social lines, becoming the quintessential SPOKEN-WORD documentary! continue... 



GV8 THE FIFTH ELEMENT: The Art of the Beat Boxer    At the heart of old-school Hip-Hop were the    human beat-boxers who spewed out the percussive beats  that drove the MCs' rhymes home, from the depths of their throats to the tips of their tongues. This documentary celebrates them!   Los Angeles beat-box artists Click 88, Pretty Chi and Joshua Silverstein talk tools, techniques   and what it takes to turn beats into art. Performance footage shows an art form evolving. continue...



GV9 SOULFUL WAYS: The DJ "I don't know about you, but where I sit the machinations of what a DJ actually does behind the "wheels" are downright fascinating. Consider      the superior manual dexterity that is required to manipulate faders, switchers, equalizers, turntables (usually 2) all seemingly near simultaneous in their execution, in order        to create a beat! Imagine? Watching those fingers move, tweak, manipulate, skratch, push, slide and reverse        actions is a sight-to-behold.  The counter-intelligence at     play here is awe-inspiring and unique!" continue...



GV10 HIP-HOP DANCE: Moving in the Moment is an intensely entertaining, educational & exhaustive documentary, defining it's essential character from start to finish!  It's all here!... GV10 is an engaging documentary (from multi award-winning filmmaker Bob Bryan) that personalizes the Hip-Hop dance experience for those artists who "live it" to those of us who "receive it".   This specific and complex  text, this living, dynamic kinesthetic language is borne out of their life experiences, the love of the game and the music that moves them.  Whether you call it Breakin',  BBoyin', BGirlin' or simply Hip-Hop Dance, what we witness here is authentically Funky and Soulful.  These talented & expressive dancers strive to be "in the moment" and when it's good, what gets expressed in movement, is spirit-filled, awe-inspiring and explosivecontinue...



GV11 DON'T BELIEVE DA NOIZE! Voices From Da Hip-Hop Undaground documentary is an in-depth exploration    of the process, thoughts, raison 'etre, creative expressions and paths taken by some of the most prolific, innovative     and outrageous Urban Artists and thinkers of our time.        Not limited by the constraints of "commercialized"     standards, these "creators" have traveled diverse paths         to the development & articulation of their dynamic &   impactful art form. continue...

&  more…




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